Chapter 1

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hey guys and girls this is narutonega and this is my first time writing a fanfic so it might be a little meh-ish I guess but if you like it leave a comment why and if you don't like it then once again comment, can't get better not knowing why I suck right? Well anyway now on to the story!

Narutonega does not own Naruto and prototype if I did Naruto would actually have something over sasuke and truly become a strong ninja without random power ups.

'Just when things were starting to look up' said a mysterious figure sitting on top of a large skyscraper while looking down into the carnage that was shown on the streets below. 'you would think that people would be smart enough to listen to the military when shit like this happens, I guess there are a few who don't really understand what's going on right kurama'. Said the figure while looking up at the sky.

The figure heard a loud snort coming from his companion 'of course you fleabags would do something as stupid as that' replied kurama in a bored tone. Of course this would be boring after seeing it happen over and over for a few days, some idiot would walk over to a place that they are not allowed to be in then bam! They get eaten and mutated, it was a horrible sight to most, but to the mysterious man and his companion it was an everyday occurrence.

'Kurama how much longer do you think that this will last'? Asked the man. 'Hmm with the help that you provide for those fleabags I would say a week' replied kurama with a grunt. 'Naruto I think we should leave now that the city can help itself and resume your training in the ninja arts' said kurama in wise tone that made the mysterious man, now named Naruto laugh like he was being ticked by feathers all over 'gee kurama you sound like your old and wise I get the old part but wise?, as if hahahahah' replied Naruto who was clutching his stomach from the thought of kurama wise, due to this he missed kurama's angry roar from within his mind however kurama will get his payback against his blond haired Jinchuuriki. 'Shut up brat! I am the mighty kyuubi no kitsune! The one that can destroy mountains with but a swish of one of my nine almighty tails!' said kurama with a puffed out chest, 'yeah, yeah, yeah, heard it before kurama it's kind of getting old don't you think you mountain sized carpet' replied Naruto while pondering what kurama had said, he was right though he should get back to his shinobi training it while he may be advanced in most of the subjects he could get better after all there is no limit he can hit anymore thanks to the past events that led up to this point.

With a sigh Naruto pondered to the most occurring events that had lead up to this point in time.


We find ourselves looking at a young spikey blond haired boy with crimson tips sitting down on his bed reading a book about advanced fuinjutsu studies and a book about elemental chakra natures. The boy himself was about seven with a height of 3'8 inches around about the height of most boy's his age, he currently wore a short sleeved blue shirt with a matching pair of Anbu pants. This boy was Naruto uzumaki namikaze, son of the fourth hokage and his wife kushina uzumaki. Naruto was also the Jinchuurikiof the kurama the kyuubi no kitsune, well the yang part anyway. Naruto was born on October 10, a day when something terrible happened, and the terrible event was the freeing of kurama from his previous host kushina uzumaki. Due to this event Naruto and his twin sister Mito had to become the jinchuuriki of kyuubi, kurama, to save their home village. It was also the last day of the third hokage's life as he had performed a self-sacrificing sealing technique which would summon the Shinigami to seal the kyuubi while doing so that the fourth hokage didn't have to so he could live with his newborn children and wife.

After the sealing the fourth hokage, Minato namikaze had announced that both his son and daughter had held the kyuubi while also telling them that Naruto held the 'yang' part of kurama's chakra while his sister held kuramas 'yin' chakra. Because of this Mito had become 'konoha's princess', while Naruto had become a 'demon' to everyone in the village. Why would people do that? Well because yang is the darker and the more evil part of yin and yang so people believed that the demon had taken over naruto's body at a young age and due to this he is considered a demon in their eyes.

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