Chapter 18

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Ryuzetsu -8


Oc uzumaki-4

Kusami (hybrid form)-6





Hana inuzuka-2




Oc uchiha-4

Oc senju-0



Phoenix-leader of the phoenix summons-0

Kaguya otsutsuki-4


The current leader is: Ryuzetsu with samui and kusami in second place tie and in third place hinata, Karin, temari and Mei. Be sure to vote on your 4 favourites: D

'Can you repeat that?'

'Naruto otsutsuki, you are here to be voted upon if it is required to have the Clan Restoration Act placed on you'

'Can't I just deny it?'

'No, we will commence the voting procedure'

'WAIT' screamed tayuya as she couldn't believe what was happening. Naruto just got back from doing a mission the hokage personally asked Naruto to do, then they were likely forcing him into the CRA, what the hell is this!

'What' asked minato looking towards the redhead girl that stood next to Naruto.

'This isn't fair! Naruto has done so much stuff for you! Like, oh I dono stopped an invasion before it could start, get the uchiha bastards back and now you're going to do this to him? What is wrong with you!' said tayuya looking at the hokage and the council, while a few of the civilians actually thought about it, most just ignored the comment.

' that is out of way, we will start the vote, all in favour of Naruto otsutsuki restarting the 'otsutsuki clan, along with senju and uzumaki' said minato looking towards Naruto with a slightly squinted eye, as he was still wondering how he got senju and uchiha blood running through his veins.

Slowly but surely, hands started to go up. First it was the Elders, who had shot their hands up instantly, followed by the shinobi council, then slowly the civilian council. However there was a few of the civilians who had not put their hand up in respect for their hero.

'80% for and 20% against. The motion is passed, Naruto otsutsuki will fall into the category of CRA, now it's just who to place you wi-' minato was cut off by Naruto, who had looked him straight in the eye, no sharingan, no rinnegan, just pure blue eyes.

'No.... I don't care if you put me in the CRA, I will love any and every women I have the privilege being with, however I will NOT be having my wives chosen for me, if I fall for a women, it will be for love and not any other reason, got that!' said Naruto looking towards all the members of the council who had supported the CRA.

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