Chapter 26

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Chapter 26

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'Time to die traitor!' screamed a voice only to get feel a quick chop to his neck, and with a thud he fell...just like the other fifty shinobi there.

'....I just wanted to go to the toilet' said naruto looking throughout the clearing showing multiple body's all knocked out and ranging from all countries, including his own home and what looked like a similar headband worn by all of them. It's been three years since he had left konoha to learn his new affinities, he still doesn't know why he had shinobi attacking him left right and center, he had even used his sannin traveling rights and got a document signed by the hokage that he was leaving for his own training trip over 3 years ago.

Looking up towards the sky, naruto could only sigh. He missed both tayuya and saya dearly, even though he knew they were also training their affinities and skills together in konoha he seriously didn't know why he had a certain feeling that something was going on.

'Hey kusami-chan do you also got that felling we are missing something big?' asked naruto still looking up at the blue sky above only to feel something pressing against his back.

'hmm I do, however I have a way to make that felling go away, how about a few drinks and a room reservation Hun?' asked kusami, who had stood 5 '8' inches with crimson red hair trailing down her wonderful body and stopping just above her mid back, kusami was in her hanyo form.

Kusami was beautiful, but maybe he just had a thing for red-heads, kusami had beautiful light tanned skin, soft lips, which were normally in a seductive smirk, along with dazzling crimson eyes. Her body was amazing as it wasn't too thin or too big, and it wasn't in an hourglass figure. Her plump breasts were DD sized and were a combination of soft and firm, her ass was amazing it truly was her greatest asset and her mile long legs....just wow. Although she did have some extra appendages, like her fox ears and tail, but she could hide them almost instantly.

Looking back at his three years training trip he gave a short laugh, he really did train to utilize his 'uni' affinities to their max. And Gaia wasn't wrong or lying when she said that it would take him a while to master and perfect and there was also naruto accidently creating a sub 'uni' affinity dimension.

He had almost complete control of dimension's when it came to manipulating it to his needs and wants, his kamui also helped his understanding and growth in that department, however he would only ever use his dimension abilities when he was desperate, which could be never as he was able to knock out and fight jonin while taking a casual walk.

Looking down he saw that kusami was still hugging him. Moving a hand behind her head he started to viciously scratch her ear, which in turn gave him yips and groans. Slipping out of her reach naruto looked down at his cloths and sighed, he really should change his cloths it has been three years since he had decided to change his cloths....maybe he should wear something similar to sage of the six paths sage mode? It did look cool and if he ever did go into that sage mode his cloths wouldn't change much, unless they were already orange or white as it differentiates each time he goes into that mode.

Hearing a huff, he turns back to kusami who was once again getting ready to pounce on him; it was a shock finding that kusami liked him and an even bigger shock that she could go into this form. He still remembers it like it was two years ago.....







Oh well who would like to find out how that happened anyway? Grinning he caught kusami in a hug and smothered her in kisses, after finding out that kusami had a hanyo body and that she loved him, he had used his old time devil kunai's to summon his girlfriend's Tayuya, saya, temari and ryuzetsu.

It was a hilarious sight, although tayuya couldn't believe how exactly he had met each of the four other women there.

He told tayuya how he met saya in his nature and mokuton training, which had tayuya and the other three girls were shocked at how he met saya.

Moving on he had to admit that both temari and ryuzetsu were really just lucky finds, while he was traveling he had come across garra being attacked and saved him, which had made him spend a week in suna in which he had gotten close to temari. Garra's face when he found out he and temari was dating was weird, he had just sighed and mumbled 'thank god it wasn't that lazy nara who capture temari's heart' and walked away after giving his blessing to his friend, along with a death threat that was empty when naruto just laughed at him and patted him on the back. When he met temari she was still wearing the same cloths when he had come to visit her, although it fit her well.

Temari had teal eyes and blond hair that was tied into four spiky pigtails. She wore black kimono that reaches down to her legs, with slits along the side and a more revealing neckline. She also had a red sash tied around her waist; she sported fingerless black gloves and wore her forehead protector on her forehead.

When he met ryuzetsu it was after destroying a box that was releasing a load of dark energy, and by dark he meant dark. the box held something evil in it, and he wasn't going to let something like that exist, sooo he may of went into a secret meeting place that held the box and opened a black hole to suck it up into one of his dimensions....before destroying the dimension entirely....he could of just used void release but he needed practice with his dimension element.

A week or two after destroying the box, he met ryuzetsu who had tried to interrogate him and possibly kill him for taking her 'revenge' although that ended when her Edo Tensei'd Muku, who was Ryuzetsu's best friend, and while he could of revived Muku for ryuzetsu, Muku had started to become an ass to ryuzetsu because while he thought he was only going to be revived for a bit, he thought that he might as well as leave ryuzetsu thinking that he was still nice, but at the possibility of being completely alive, he tried to bully her into saying yes, even though she was going to say yes at the start.

After that came the weirdest events naruto had ever seen, ryuzetsu kick Muku in his nuts before lighting him on fire and asking him, naruto, to end the jutsu. After ending the jutsu ryuzetsu was a mess, her best friend and possible lover had tried to get his own life back at any cost, even when naruto had said as a joke that she would have to die for him to be revived.

So naruto being the person he was. Looked after ryuzetsu for a few weeks while also training his 'uni' affinities or more correctly his void affinity, which he made random reality, tears pop up and suck up trees and parts of lakes.

During that time he had gotten close to ryuzetsu and he had to say, she was amazing going from her strong willed nature, to her kind caring personality hidden behind the strong kunoichi. Ryuzetsu's appearance was also dazzling.

Ryuzetsu had waist-length white hair that is covered by white bandana he had given her a week after he met her, and grey eyes with a single circular pattern much like his rinnegan. She wore a green top that only has a long green sleeve covering her left arm along with the white bandana. Both her arms were bandaged up to her elbows. She also wore black trousers with shinobi sandals. Overall, she was beautiful even when covered up.

When he heard that tayuya had accepted them, he was ecstatic...until they all decided to tease him into obviation. During their stay before they had left back to their own respected area's he needed to have a constant cloud hanging over his head ready to rain cold water on sucked so much.

Looking over his vixen he grinned before tickling her sides while laying her down to the floor, he really did enjoy his time with all his girlfriend's when he had the chance to be with them.

Suddenly naruto felt a ping...a ping that he hoped to never feel, quickly sending kusami a knowing look; she nodded and disappeared in a poof of smoke.

Locking onto the ping he disappeared, whoever made that ping happen sure as hell better not be aiming to kill his precious people.

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