Chapter 13

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Hey guys and girls! Next chapter right here and I hope you enjoy it, so far the results for the pairings are. (Also my 4 are there as well so yeh: 3)




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Hana inuzuka-1




Oc uchiha-1

Oc senju-0


There you have it, the current leaders are: hinata, oc uzumaki, fuu and Karin. There will be a week after this chapter left to vote on who you want Naruto's pairings to be, also I am willing to add more women to the list for the next 3 days, later people.

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'C'mon tayuya-chan!, I'm hardly sweating' stated Naruto with both his arms tied up behind his back along with both of his legs wrapped up from the ankles to his waist, the reason?, training tayuya.

'stop gloating shithead!' screamed tayuya still panting from the intense 'from her side' tai-jutsu battle, Well if you would count Naruto body slamming into her when her stance was sloppy or dodging all her attacks, by doing unbelievable bends and tricks.

'Hey not my fault if I'm just that good' stated Naruto, while doing the worm on the ground, not even trying against tayuya as she was attacking him with a flurry of kicks and punches.

'Shithead fight me properly! Said tayuya with a scowl marrying her beautiful face the had unblemished skin and amazing brown eyes, which Naruto couldn't help but get lost in sometimes, I mean seriously they were hypnotic to him, then add in her hair that started to turn from a reddish-pink to a more crimson colour, if he got anything from his ex-father, it was probably that he liked red-heads the most for some strange reason...did kasumi squeal?

'nope! Remember what I said tayuya-chan if you could hit me while I was wrapped up, then I would fight you without being wrapped up in this' said Naruto looking at tayuya with a grin, which in turn pissed off the now crimson haired woman, he really wanted to know why her hair changed colour.

Tayuya was pissed off to the max right about now, the shithead who she was living with now was taunting her, while laying down on the ground, covered from ankle to waist and restrained, and doing the 'worm' dance on the floor. Yea, she was pissed.

Naruto, still doing the worm, who had felt a shiver go up his spine, looked towards tayuya, and instantly started to crawl away, normally it would be easy to simply get rid of his restraints, but he had made them where if tayuya put chakra into the restraints, then they would let him go, which is why he had 'fought' tayuya in the restraints in the first place.

Now why was Naruto trying to crawl away? Oh that's simple, there standing across from him was tayuya with her crimson hair splitting into nine 'tails' , he bet kasumi had something to do with that, (cue evil chuckle) with a red fiery chakra swirling around her, seeing her walk slowly toward him he decided that he should split.... That was until he remembered that he also added a seal that would not let him use the Hiraishin while wearing the cuffs. Curse him for that!

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