Chapter 31

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Chapter 31

Hey people it is time for the first dimension jump! Enjoy.

'Um where the hell am I dattebayo' asked Naruto while looking around, he really didn't expect to hear someone.

'How would I know' asked kaguya, who had taken to living in kusami's previous house as she was now stuck there.

'Ahhhhhh! Kaguya! How are yo- oh right sealed you in me' said Naruto slapping his forehead at forgetting that little fact.

'Yes how you say, you 'sealed' me within you. Although I have to admit your mindscape is a lot better than the moon.' Stated kaguya as she was testing the bed in her new home.

'yeah I guess my mindscape would be really good, I designed it for kusami...but since you are in there now ill change it up a bit later, ok' said Naruto while giving kaguya a little smile within his mind.

'Thank you then' replied kaguya while still lying on the bed. Deciding she was comfortable enough she went to sleep.

Hearing light snores from his mind, Naruto sweat dropped. Didn't he and she have like a massive fight to the death a few hours ago? OH SHIT! He isn't in the elemental nations! Wait! My space time powers! Hahaha I am a genius!

With that came the many failed attempts of Naruto trying to teleport back to the elemental nations, only to hear kusami's grumbles when he was in the techno world.


'Naruto, I must also tell you about the dimension seals the sage put up for the elemental nations. When the sage put his seals up He made a certain rule with the seals he created. The rule is that when dimension hopping you need to finding a seal or 'key' to travel between different dimensions even to ones you have been to before.' Said 'kurama'

(Flashback end)

'Ahh dammit! I have to find the 'key' to get out of here! Dammit again!' said Naruto while shaking his fist towards the sky.

'Sigh.....hopefully kusami and the girls will be fine....ok might as well look around.' Mumbled Naruto as he started to walk towards a random direction.

Vrooooooooooom! Vrooooooooooom Vrooooooooooom

Looking towards his left he saw a 'bus' similar to the ones he had seen in the techno world....oh crap all his CD's and Movies! Dammit I can't get them now.....wait reverse summon! Ha-ha and tayuya said I'm too obsessed with my stuff, ha! I was only obsessed with finishing my time devil.

Looking at the bus, he watched as the bus doors spread out and opened, showing a man sitting behind the he had glowing eyes.

The man turned towards Naruto with a grin. 'Hey you want a lift to yokai academy?' asked the man as he moved his hand out towards the bus that had about three other students.

Naruto rubbed the back of his head, as he seriously had no idea what to do. So deciding to do the opposite of what kaguya mentioned to him, he walked up to the bus. 'Sure, thanks for the lift, but I don't even have a registry for yokai academy.' Said Naruto laughing a little bit, until the man threw a paper at his face.

Grabbing the paper mid-air he looked down and was shocked. There was information about him and it was all perfect! How the hell....oh creepy eyes got it.

'Well... you know how to get information I guess, well since it's all done and all thanks for that. Also why is the school called yokai academy?' asked Naruto with his head tilted to the side as he just stood at the bus entrance.

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