Chapter 35

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Chapter 35

Hey everyone, hope you all enjoyed the story so far. Anyway I was thinking of writing another story however, this one is during the chunnin exams break and will have Naruto training by himself, the idea is old and used already, but I think it's one of the best. So if you're a fan of those fic's then I will post one later on after I'm nearly finished with this fanfic or finished with it Also I plan to have it more detailed and planned out so yea. So peace people and enjoy.

'Hey you know how I end up in these types of messes?' asked Naruto as he stood between four people on a roof. On one side there was a crimson haired chick with massive boobs along with a small blond girl, who kinda looked like a nun he had seen in the techno world. Then there was a brown haired kid with a crimson gauntlet.

On the other side of him there was a man with blond hair dressed in a suit, he also was on seriously he was on fire and it didn't affect him or his cloths.

Kaguya just sighed along with three other voices, before not even bothering to give Naruto an explanation on how it always happens to him.

The man in the suit got pissed, how this no-body dare intrude into his and his soon to be fiancé!

The man gathered fire in his hand, before firing the attack straight at the white with crimson tipped haired man in-between him and his soon to be wife.

Naruto just looked at the incoming flame with a raised eyebrow. The fire attack was moving at a very slow rate towards him, well in his point of view, and he noticed that if he dodged it would hit the people behind him, so seeing how there really was no other choice, or he was too lazy to think of one, Naruto simply created a void which sucked up the flames.

The red-head looked shocked that the man dismissed the flames so easily. And the man in the suit looked like someone's dog shat on his leg.

Looking back at the red head for a few seconds, he suddenly pulled out a book and started to look through it. After a few seconds the white with crimson tips haired man seemed to stop looking through the book for a bit, before nodding to himself before looking back at her.

'Ok! So your names are Rias Gremory, Issei Hyodo and Asia Argento and that man over there is Riser Phenex right?' asked the man who wore a black and red school shirt and pants.

Blinking she nodded and watched as he nodded....before reappearing behind riser.

Riser looked behind him when he saw rias's eyes open wide and was shocked that the white haired man was behind him.

'ok so what I got from this is that you are the bad guy and you are trying to force a marriage that rias over there doesn't want so I'm going to beat you, and before you pull out rules and crap, no one is able to enter the dimension the rating games are held unless they are either a contestant or the one who made the game, sooo yeah enjoy the Naruto Otsutsuki asswopping express.' Said Naruto as he swung his right leg across, making contact with riser's ribs and sending him plummeting to the ground at Mach 2 speeds.

Looking back to rias's group he just held the peace sign before disappearing.


'AHHHHH!' screamed a voice that was definitely known by the Gremory group. Looking down towards the ground, and were shocked at what they saw.

They watched as the white haired man kept disappearing and reappearing around riser, who was traveling at the speed of sound after each and every hit. Riser then again appeared, only to have his arm lopped off and then started to get beaten by was kinda funny.

Naruto was having the time of his life, since he read quickly about a clan named Phenex; he knew they had a very high healing factor that included regeneration! So that meant he could destroy riser for as much as he wanted to! It was like his early anniversary present all over again.

Meanwhile riser was balancing between unconsciousness and death. Seeing how he would not last much over, he called his own defeat.

'I Forfeit! I give up! Please help me!' screamed riser as he slowly disappeared into pixels towards the sky.

Naruto just looked at risers old spot for a bit, before chucking the ripped off arm back onto his last location.

Naruto mumbled something to himself about very weak devils, before looking up at the sky/ dimension roof.

'Well since I have done what I needed to do....I forfeit so can I get out of here?' asked Naruto as he watched as nothing happened.....fine if that's how it is.

Putting his hands together in a prayer like fashion, he forced chakra into making the dimension rip itself open. When it was big enough for him, he jumped through ignoring the Gremory peerage trying to talk to him.

Rias was slowly getting over the shock at seeing the white haired man destroy riser himself and then make a portal to who knows were, feeling Grayfia's energy behind her she turned around.

Grayfia moved towards her before voicing out her win over riser and challenger Naruto Otsutsuki.

(Meanwhile with Naruto)

'The currency is different here than in yokai academy..... Maybe I should do what jiraiya did? Well I have had a lot of experience with the subject, and I'm sure the girls won't mind.....yeah screw it I'll do it.' Said Naruto to himself before using the creation of all things technique to summon a table, empty book, a few pens and a chair.

Sitting down onto the chair, Naruto cracked his knuckles before moving his hands faster than any eye could catch. With a prime record of 10 seconds, Naruto wrote out his new likely hit 'Hooked' which just sums up his life with his girlfriends and how he meets them. So while the book is mostly porn, it had a story to it which was just as good.

Activating his byakugan he looked for the nearest publisher within the area. Spotting one near a school, he teleported there making sure to hide him from the moving public as he reappeared next to an alleyway. Making a quick turn around the building, he appeared at the front of the publisher's business.

Walking up to the counter in front of him, he saw a female receptionist....please kami I beg you not to let her see my work requested Naruto from his mind.

He walked up to the receptionist and smiled, with a small wave he introduced himself.

'Hi I'm Naruto Otsutsuki and I'm here to publish a book' said Naruto as he held out his book towards the receptionist who had grabbed it out of his hand....he was so getting kicked out of the building.

When he looked to the receptionist he sweat dropped and sighed happily.

The receptionist was fully diverted in his book and was reading it at a fast pace, and from the look on her face...he written some dam well sex scenes.

'Carrol! Give me that and get back to work!' said a man in a suit as he walked down towards him and 'Carrol'.

That brought Carrol out of her starry gaze as she nodded before handing the book towards the publisher.

Within two chapters he was on the floor bleeding from his noes. Although he could hear the man mumble about a piece of paper work that was on the table.

Signing it, he handed it towards the nearly knocked out man in a suit, before leaving towards a jewellery planning to sell some of his gems to afford a piece of land which he could use his mokuton to create....maybe he could also go to school again with his girls? It would be fun seeing the difference.

With that Naruto walked towards the school in the background intent of finding a piece of land he could by near it.

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