Chapter 2

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Hey, guys' narutonega, and this is the second chapter of my new fic, the one who stands strong.

If you guys/girls what to message me to ask what will happen on this fic, I will happily tell you by private message. Thanks for reading

'Son of a bitch!' shouted Naruto with anime tears pooling down his face, the reason for this. Kurama thought it would be a good idea pumping massive amounts of his chakra into naruto's newly made resistant and gravity seals which in turn maxed the seals to the maximum strength, what's worse is that Naruto had a resistant and gravity seal on each of his arms, legs, and torso now add in the fact that gravity doubles the gravity of the seal each and every time it is upped and then add the resistance seals that make moving look like a snail's pace each and every time it is activated. Now, this would not be as bad if Naruto had used the 'normal' gravity and resistance seals which had a cap of 10x the amount of gravity and resistance a normal seal does. Now since Naruto is a high-quality seal maker he had created his own gravity and resistant seal that had went to a level of 100x normal gravity and resistance. Currently, the fourth Hokage is only on gravity level 4x and resistance of 6x,

Now because of Kurama Naruto is currently in a massive crater with broken bones and torn ligaments along with multiple fractures and injuries while also wearing his gravity and resistance seal at level 100x the normal amount. This brings us to Kurama laughing his furry ass off and Naruto drowning in his own anime-style tears which had filled up half the crater he was in.

'Screw you kurama!' shouted Naruto while trying to swim out of his own tears and onto soft safe land where he could prominently pass out without a care in the world 'hahahahah well Naruto you know that in a few days you will be able to adjust to the weight because of the blacklight virus always evolving along with me speeding up the process, so if you would kindly get back to training we could get back the elemental nations a few weeks before the chunnin exams and go see your 'nii-sans' said kurama with a slight grin as soon as he had mentioned 'nii-sans' Naruto started to move and walk around determined to adjust to his new weight and resistance so that he could meet his 'nii-sans' before having to learn more nin-jutsu and gen-jutsu techniques, the reason for this is while Naruto has near perfect control of his chakra and elemental affinities, which had gotten even stronger , he had no techniques since he had not copied his 'fathers' library and instead only learned the rasengan along with adding his affinities to it, because of this he was really lacking in techniques in both nin-jutsu and gen-jutsu although now that he thought of it he might learn medical jutsu just so he could help kurama heal him when he gets injured even though blacklight and kurama could make a decapitated head regrow at a rate of a few minutes but that's only if he had enough bio-mass from consuming either animals or people to regrow limbs.

'Kurama... what do you think we should do about these 'friends' you told me about' said Naruto in a relaxed tone, the reason for this was after the whole Manhattan incident he had travelled and learned multiple cultures and traditions of different countries and states it was mindboggling for Naruto to learn so many different cultures and beliefs, although his most favourite was the monks he had met on a hill near japan, the monks themselves had trained him in the ways of peace and 'chi' which was the physical part of chakra, it took a while to separate his chakra and because of this he had gained a new abilities from it he learned due to his strong chi and spiritual energy he could use the energy's separate from each other so instead of just chakra he also learned how to use chi and spirit energy which he had named reiatsu(don't know what this word is) while training with all three forms he found that chi was more powerful but not very controlled while on the other hand reiatsu was controlled but not as powerful. With this in mind chakra was the one with the most potential because it could be strong and controlled to a point where chi and reiatsu don't even compare, although chi allowed him to fly and reiatsu allowed him to sense anyone in a few miles he knew he was only scraping the surface of his new abilities. (Don't own dragon ball or bleach only using certain aspects)

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