Chapter 8

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'Futon: rasenshuriken!'

'Mokuton: wood locking wall'

'Katon: great flame wall'


'Ha...ha...ha seems to me that I win that one' said Naruto sitting on his ass as he had used his massive amount of chakra in 30 days of non-stop training, whether it was for medical and mokuton jutsu and control with hashirama or gumbai and sharingan training with madara, it was the most training he had ever done in his life, it also got him a chance to know the two konoha founders on a somewhat personal level.

Hashirama was both a child and a wise man combined into two, he would act like a wise sage, for a little bit then completely turn into a kid he also learned that he had sucked at gambling and that he had taught tsunade how to gamble, must be why she sucks at it . It reminded him of someone but he didn't know who.

Madara was the opposite where he was as like most uchiha.... Until either him or hashirama annoy him enough then his personality does a full 180 degrees like hashirama and he turns into a pissed of little kid, it was the best thing he could honestly see, hell kusami had been laughing every time he had turning madara into a brooding kid. However when he and hashirama had done this the first time, hashirama had instantly thought that someone had switched places with the reincarnated madara, which after a few embarrassing secrets about himself proved to be the actual madara.

Who knew he used to sleep with a teddy bear until he was 15.

He had got to know their lives pretty well during the time that he had spent with them, but he actually preferred madara than hashirama, but not by a lot just a bit, he had liked to hear madara talk about his family and how his battles with other clans had ended up, it was cool listening to madara talk, because he had high details of the fights... it also helped he could use a gen-jutsu to make his memory's viewable so he had high detailed fights.

At that hashirama cried because he couldn't do that, it would have been funny watching him try to boast about his supposed skills during his battles.

But one thing was certain when training for the chunnin finals. Both madara and hashirama wanted to see how strong were the current generation, thinking that they should be a lot stronger than when they were kids and by the way Naruto was.

At that Naruto knew they would be disappointed but let them see what the world's shinobi current strength was now a day.

Naruto deciding that since he had one more day before the matches decided to go by a book to read while he had relaxed in his personal onsen, which he had noticed was not used at all since the chunnin exams, but meh it wasn't like it was the end of the world.

Walking in to the book stand he had immediately started to browse through all the books, after a good 10 minutes of searching he had decided to give up, walking to the front he had looked behind the clerk and saw a book called 'the tales of a gutsy ninja' and for some reason, that book had called out to him, walking around the counter and picking the book up he skimmed the blog at the back and felt a smile worm onto his face, apparently it told a story about a person named Naruto fighting to bring world peace..... Wow this book had some magic power to know what he would do before he could do it.

Buying the book was easy, as the clerk said it was impossible to be sold, so he sold the book to Naruto at the original price and not 3 times the actual amount. Walking out of the book store and walking in a random direction, Naruto accidentally bumped into someone looking up he was shocked to see who he had walked into.

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