Chapter 19

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Ryuzetsu -9


Oc uzumaki-4

Kusami (hybrid form)-6





Hana inuzuka-2




Oc uchiha-4

Oc senju-0



Phoenix-leader of the phoenix summons-1

Kaguya otsutsuki-6



There you go folks. Ryuzetsu in first place, samui holding second and temari in third and finally in fourth place we have kasumi and Kaguya. This is the last chapter before I end the vote, so next chapter decides who will be in the harem and if it becomes a tie between characters I will choose so sorry if I don't select someone you want if it's a tie, but yah my choice hopefully it's the right one, later guys and girls.

(Naruto's and tayuya's house)

'hahahahhahahahhahaha' laughed tayuya who was watching her new favourite show of all time, while Naruto was in the 'weak world' he had bought a lot of dvd's and had gotten a lot of anime and manga, and while he bought the stuff, he never actually went through it, he just bought everything in the shop and sealed it up.

'Tayuya-chan? What ya laughing at?' asked Naruto walking down the stairs from the study into their bedroom, he was tweaking his time devil so it had a bigger range.

'oh you just have to watch this anime I found, in the pile its sooooo interesting and funny, I bet you will break into a hysterical laugh... believe it...hahahahhahhahah' laughed tayuya once again after saying his little catch phrase that he had grown out of while he was a kid.

Looking toward the screen he pissed himself, there he was or what looked like him screaming how he would be hokage...while wearing on orange and blue jumpsuit.... While also orgasming over ramen.....

Looking at tayuya and back at the screen he simply walked up to her, picked her up, and then took her to the bed. Summoning a kagebushin to get popcorn he changed into his night cloths, which was just his boxers that had dragons phoenixes and kusami on them.

'How many episode's in'? Asked Naruto, looking at his girlfriend with a raised eyebrow. At this tayuya was laughing lightly 'only episode two, where you become a ninja after defeating mizuki and protecting iruka' said tayuya with a little grin still on her face, she bet that this show was going to be funny.

'hmmm ok let me set the time devil up so we can watch all... how many episodes are there?' asked Naruto looking toward tayuya, who had put a finger to her chin to think.

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