Chapter 21

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'The match between Naruto otsutsuki of konoha vs shizuka of nadeshiko, begin' with that the protector, shizuka's personal trainer and friend tokiwa.

'Let's see if the famed white spark of konoha is any good' said shizuka out loud ready to jump backwards.....only to find her on her chest to the ground with a weight on top of her back.

'.....sooo I win?' asked Naruto, who was simply checking his finger nails and hand.

The nadeshiko kunoichi were shocked stupid, while the konoha civilians who had appeared to watch the fight, let out a sigh there was never any action really when it came to Naruto's fight, unless he show boats around.... Or if he is pissed. Although it didn't stop them from clapping as wild as they could of.

'Yeah Naruto! Good job Naruto! The true kami no shinobi!' shouted the konoha civilians and younger ninja, as they watched their strongest ninja beat another leader within a span of a second. It was amazing.

However the most shocked was shizuka, she had though that the famed 'SSS-rank white spark' was just a joke to keep their enemy's away, however it looks like it was true.... And now she and sagiri would never be wed anymore.

'yeah I may have won but I'm not going through with the wedding thing, because no offence, a village that makes you look barbaric isn't my type, so find your true love and live with them like I have' said Naruto looking toward shizuka for a bit, before taking his eyes away from her and to every other kunoichi from nadeshiko. 'that includes all of you, don't follow traditions blindly, I am sure that the tradition was made so that your child had the best possible way to survive, but what's the point of having a child that you would not love entirely? Exactly nothing, there is no point to it, so break the tradition ok.' And with that, Naruto teleported towards tayuya, who was grabbing her winnings from the betting booth as nearly every nadeshiko kunoichi had voted on shizuka to win, thus a lot of profit for tayuya and the others who betted.

Slowly one by one the nadeshiko kunoichi slowly left, until none were there, although shizuka looked toward the sun and though of Naruto's words..... His words were a new hope for her, and she will thank him someday later.

(Naruto's house)

We now find Naruto and tayuya in their kitchen eating a fresh batch of ramen while listening to music. That was until a 'hem' was heard.

Looking back at the door, Naruto was shocked to see that tsunade was standing there, how the hell she gets past his blo- oh righted hashirama granddaughter.

Tayuya was also shocked, since she knew that tsunade was the godmother of both Naruto and Mito, however now it's only Mito as Naruto isn't related to the namikazes.

Tsunade, seeing her target grabbed Naruto by the ear and started to drag him from his ramen, which had made him cry as the yummy goodness called ramen will be not eaten.... Until he saw tayuya tip Naruto's ramen into hers.... Oh this means war.

Looking at tsunade with one of his eyes Naruto was kinda wondering why she was here, I mean she didn't really care for him when he was a namikaze and she also seemed to ignore him most of the time in favour of mito, so why was she here?

Tsunade must have seen his eye and what he probably thought as she answered the question almost instantly. 'Brat I was here to tell you that another meeting will take place, and since you now own a clan, you are a clan head and must attend among other things. But then I noticed that this place needs blood seals to enter. So I asked your whole family to give a little blood to open the door, first was minato's and it fizzled off, mito's turned into paint, that had splashed outwards and kushina's did nothing but simply drop to the floor.....then turned into a tiny nine-tailed fox who bit me while saying 'tie me up to a moon you say? Screw you! Chibi power!' and then poofed out of existence.

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