Chapter 30

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Chapter 30

Yo! Hey guys speed round still going and I only have 3 hours left before midnight here, sooo let's go!

Disappointment... that was what madara summed up his battle between the sage's sons reincarnations. Even though he was also one of his son's reincarnations.

The four of them barely left a scratch on him, however that could be from his training with Naruto, if he didn't actually train with Naruto he would doubt he would come out of that fight unscaled, hell he might of even had trouble to a point of listening to a random thought of absorbing the tree the juubi created.

Kicking the body of Mito Namikaze away from him, he looked back up to the sky and started to float. There was no more point in fighting as it was too easy.

However just as he was near the required height he felt it....a massive wave of energy that not even the juubi or he could compare to....could it be that.....

His answer was questioned with a fist breaking his jaw and sending him plummeting at Mach 3 speeds.

Everyone gaped. There stood the only man in history to gain SSS-ranking.

Naruto otsutsuki...

Although this Naruto wore something different (what he wears when he met his hollow).

Naruto looked down at the carnage and blinked. There was shinobi fighting creatures that resembled the juubi from what he reviewed from shikaku's memories. Looking for madara he let a small tear out, while Naruto was training with the senju and uchiha family he got really close to them, although for some reason madara was his favourite as a kid, and to see the true colours of that man you adore is not something good.

However when madara looked up at Naruto, he had a full blown grin on his face, as he quickly healed his jaw; he appeared a good distance away from his friend.

'Naruto Otsutsuki... you have no idea how long I have waited for this battle... however before we begin I will say this. To me you will always be my friend as not only you fixed my friendship between hashirama but you also had given me time with my brother. However now that that's out of the way, the world now rests on your shoulders. Whose peace is correct Naruto? Mine or yours?' asked madara looking at Naruto with a grin.

Naruto laughed a little. No matter what madara was and will be his friend...until the battle is finished however he is his enemy. A mad man who is trying to control everyone in an illusion.

'Well madara guess this is god by as I will defeat you... to bring peace to this world like the sage of the six paths before me.' Said Naruto before vanishing.

Madara was shocked. He could only see the direction of the air change. He could not see or sense Naruto at all. But he could feel a hand through his gut.

'Ahh!' screamed madara while coughing a large glob of blood on Naruto's clothing as he gripped Naruto's black jacket. How was Naruto this strong? Sure he felt the power but... it was impossible! He was juubi's jinchuuriki! How was this happening! Soon he felt himself being thrown through the tree that the juubi had grown.

Looking up madara looked at Naruto simply floating in his position, this was not possible! This fight only lasted 10 seconds! What was going on!

Dashing towards Naruto with a hole through his gut, he sent him new invisible clones who he had called 'limbo' towards Naruto. Expecting Naruto to not notice them, he was shocked when he simply absorbed them into him.

Summoning his susanno arm he sent it towards Naruto only for Naruto to flick the susanno hand away and deliver a full powered raiton attack to his back.

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