Chapter 5

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Yo final chapter before the week long wait I know how most of you feel trust me I get bored waiting for other writers to finish their latest chapter much respect for other authors who do follow there week a chapter thing and not just drop their story for no reason anyway like before if you like review why if you hate review why I can only get better with reviews telling me what I'm doing wrong anyway chapter start! Ps. don't own Naruto.

Ah graduation day, a day where children become ninjas for their village a day when children become serious and wise adults ready to lead the future.... Well that's the idea.

(Graduation room)

'SHUT UP!' screamed iruka as he had been waiting for the past 10 minutes for people to shut up so that he could finish the role. When everyone fell silent he started from where he was interrupted from 'ok uchiha sasuke' said iruka only to hear a grunt from the uchiha in the middle row.

'ok uzumaki Naruto' said iruka with a small smile during the time Naruto was in his class he had started to like the kid he was just misunderstood, expecting Naruto to be late and fail again he didn't expect to hear a 'yo sensei' looking around for an orange jumpsuit he thought he was hearing things until an eraser hit his head making him look up only to see a child with spiky blond hair that reached his shoulders with crimson tips at the end wearing a black jumper with crimson patters traveling throughout the entire jumper (same jacket from before including writing and symbols on back) and also wearing black anbu pants with black bandages wrapped his left leg which was sticking out of the rows and also wearing black sandals.

Iruka had no idea who he was until the child pointed his finger to his face, where there were faint whisker like marks adoring his face, instantly iruka figured out who he was, he was Naruto uzumaki and his face did nothing to hide the shock he had held, at this point the whole class with the exception of satsuki and toki stared gapping at him until a voice only a monkey screeching could make spoke 'Naruto stop trying to make mito and sasuke look bad you stupid-baka' screeched out the owner of the monkey voice sakura haruno the leader of the SUFC the sasuke uchiha fan club it was funny watching sasuke suffer the dude was a total prick in naruto's books.

(Hokage office)

Sitting in a room were the new jonin sensei's who would be collecting their teams soon however they all wanted some information on their behaviours first and thus watching with the hokage the graduation class, currently kakashi was crying anime tears when he had heard sakura's voice and asked if anyone wanted to trade but that ended in a failure instantly.

But what happed next made kakashi want to trade his whole team up in an instance.

(Graduation class)

'hmm you say something' asked Naruto who was busy talking to kurama on how to make a tailed beast bomb with only his own chakra, while it would be weaker if he infused say his wind element it would probably rival his futon: rasenshuriken in raw power and destruction, finding himself spaced out again he missed the shocked looks he had gotten from everyone else.

(Hokage office)

'Nope sorry sensei I want him as an apprentice we would work so well' said kakashi as he was planning if he got the kid to be his apprentice a facemask and a copy of icha-icha, but alas he was denied.

'No kakashi I do not care you will have sakura, Mito and sasuke under team 7 got that' said minato in an annoyed tone as he didn't want another kakashi lookalike and worst of all Naruto. 'Fine' said kakashi silently crying all that time he could be reading icha-icha with the kid gone.... Maybe sasuke would be into icha-icha....

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