Chapter 38

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Chapter 38

Hey guys sorry about the short chapter I was really tired and mentally drained so without further ado, here's the next chapter so enjoy.

'And that's how I met tayuya and the rest of the girls' said Naruto before taking a sip of coffee as he and his new wives walked through the school gates all ready for a day of hell.

'Really?' asked moka as she was seriously wondering how Naruto managed to make four girls like him when not trying and then marring four other girls from different dimensions.

'yep, really' said Naruto as he moved his right hand just in front of his face and looked at his watch.

'It's 9:15.... Are you sure that there was school today?' asked Naruto looking towards ruby, who looked confused at him.

'I have no idea what you're on about Naruto-kun' stated ruby with a tilt of her head.

Naruto twitched before turning to the one who told him.

'Moca....why did you tell me that ruby said we had to go to school?' asked Naruto while looking at moka with a suspicious eye.

At this Moca started to move her eyes left to right rapidly. Before looking at both kaguya and ruby.

Suddenly they all disappeared in a poof of smoke....

Naruto watched as the smoke slowly dispersed...


'DAMMIT KAGUYA!' screamed Naruto as he started to walk towards his home while mumbling about how kaguya now a days liked to play pranks on him and how the rest of the girls helped her. Probably because he was strict when training them in blacklight. But seriously if you accidently consume someone then that's it no revival jutsu because there is no body to revive.

Not looking where he was going, he nudged shoulders with another man. Looking up he saw a man with short slick white hair, black jacket with a white undershirt and maroon coloured jeans. Making eye contact with him he could see a white dragon hidden behind his eyes.

'Watch it buddy' said the white haired man, only to get slightly shocked at Naruto's reply.

'Whatever dragon boy' said Naruto as he looked blankly at the man across from him.

The man looked at Naruto critically for a few moments..... Before a look of realisation appeared.

''re the man that laid waste to the group of fallen angles and angles right?' asked the man as he pointed a finger at Naruto.

'...You know pointing is rude right?' asked Naruto with a slight grin on his face as he watched the man narrow his eyes. 'But yes that was you want a front row seat of how easy it was?' asked Naruto with his fist's clenching and unclenching.

The man smiled before suddenly activating his armour. It was similar to the other kid's gauntlet but instead of just a gauntlet it was a full set of armour which was coloured white with blue outlining.

Naruto just sighed there were a few reasons why he didn't want to fight at the moment. 1 there was people around the area. 2 he really wanted to get home. 3 he wanted to have sex with his girls. 4 he had to write the next instalment of hooked. And finally 5.... He just couldn't be very bothered.

The man with dragon armour started talking.

'You may call me the vanishing dragon' said the man within the dragon designed suit.

'Hmm ok I'll call you baby dragon then' said Naruto as he prepared to move, only to see rias Gremory and her friends pop up.

The man looked at the group for a bit, and landed his gaze at Issei for a bit before turning his head back to Naruto.

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