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Author has written 12 stories for Naruto, Marvel, DC Superheroes, High School DxD/ハイスクールD×D, RWBY, and Spider-Man.

Name: jason

Age: 20

gender: Male

Location: Australia.

Focus: naruto stories or crossovers with naruto as main.

Likes:narutoxmost girls from elemental nations, along with most girls from other anime's which i watch

Crossover likes: Naruto x rosario vampire, Naruto x highschool dxd, Naruto x bleach, Naruto x spiderman crossover, Naruto with DBZ elements and naruto with gamer elements.

Hey everyone, wow... It's been over a year since i have started to write my own fanfiction... Gotta say... With a total of 1.6 million views spread out, i'm feeling quite proud of myself. Its awesome to know that there is a vast amount of people who have either enjoyed it, for the most part, and have actually supported me within their reviews. Thank you all for being amazing people and following along with my stories. Its a great feeling to know that you are genuinely making someone's day when they snicker at a small joke or feel emotion's within their chests when they read a single line or two.

Anyway, thanks for being awesome and i will see you all later. Hope i continue to make enjoyable fanfiction's for you all!

And for all of you who have a ps4 console I more than welcome you to add me if you would like to game.

Names: NegaVelocity


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