Chapter 7

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Yo once again Narutonega with a new chapter, I will soon be implementing some polls later on but I need to have certain things in place before I do. So once again if you think I'm doing good tell me why I am so I don't accidentally screw it up and if you think I'm doing but tell me, I enjoy the advice and ideas I got from one of the more experienced writers Tensa-zangetsu102 thanks for that and check his story's out. Anyway onto the story!

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(Hokage office-day)

'So we all know why we are here right?' asked minato as he stared at the jonin in front of him.

It was finally the time of the chunnin exams once again and he was feeling kind of for some strange reason tense. The only other time he could describe this feeling was when he defeated iwa with his Hiraishin jutsu during the third great ninja war, looking up he finally decided to get the meeting started. 'does anyone recommend their teams to participate in the chunnin exams' asked minato looking from left to right, he had an idea of who would most likely sign their teams up but he still had to know.

Finally someone spoke up 'I hatake kakashi nominate team 7 for the chunnin exams' after this was said the sensei's of team 8, team 9 and team 10 also had requested their teams to participate. After a bit of waiting another voice spoke up from the back. 'I too would like to nominate my team to participate in the chunnin exams' after hearing that everyone looked back only seeing the face of Naruto uzumaki. The most successful genin team leader to ever be recorded since the starting of konoha as a whole, it was amazing.

'wait hokage-sama I don't think that the teams are ready to participate' said iruka who had been helping with the paper work that day even though he had been working for the past few hours he had notice that the usual mountain of paperwork that would normally be there every day be reduced to about a hundred sheets at any given time, maybe he figured out a way to beat paperwork? Going off topic iruka made his claim 'I had taught those students since the academy and while they have good jonin sensei's I would only recommend either guy's group or even Naruto's group, and the only reason for Naruto's group is because they have made mission in nearly every rank completed with top mark's from the clients' said iruka waiting to see if the hokage would listen to him and his well thought out explanation on the matter.

'normally I would agree but this year 3 teams are filled with clan heirs and both guy's team and Naruto's team are already fully prepared to take on the chunnin exams' with that said he had instructed everyone to leave the room, once everyone filled out he summoned a carrier hawk and attached team Naruto's chunnin exam application forms to the hawks leg, giving a signal, the hawk flew off to his targeted destination.

'Let's tweak this a bit, add a compactor seal here aaaaaaaand done finally now all it needs is my blood and chakra' mumbled Naruto as he had finished possibly making the most complex seal since his father's Hiraishin. It may of taken countless weeks with barely any sleep being inbetween making the bloody seal but now he can always look back at this day to his greatest achievement at the soul age of 13. Standing up he started walking out to the back and simply sat in a meditation position that the dragons had taught him, even though he knew both positions for how the dragons and phoenixes trained their sages, or would of trained their sages since he was the only one who got the chance, he found that it didn't really affect him in gathering nature chakra other than when in the dragon position the nature chakra was a lot denser which had the effect of it lasting longer and boosting his strength much more than his speed but also gave him un-breakable skin, but because of that it also took a longer time to gather the nature chakra to go into dragon sage mode. The phoenix one however made gathering nature chakra really fast while also boosting his speed and also giving him a higher regenerative ability, and if he gets good enough using phoenix sage mode, he could 'rebirth' himself if he truly died while in the phoenix sage mode. The downside to this is that the sage mode of the phoenixes make's the nature chakra run out faster so it would only be effective in defeating either an enemy as fast as possible or if it was to finish a fight as fast as possible, so while both sage modes do come in handy it was really hard to use during mid battle because of the required time limit of either gathering or running out of energy.

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