Chapter 34

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Chapter 34


'bu-wa-bu-da-wha?' said naruto while pointing a finger straight ahead of him. He had just finished his extra curriculum classes after he had helped moka a few hours ago then he opened his dorm door and became a gibberish mess. The reason for that were two people in his apartment.

Standing there was the silver haired a pair of red tight bra and panties....along with kaguya wearing a silver version of moka's, she was hanging over moka's shoulder smirking at him.....ok first thing first. Activate sharingan to store in memory. Second thing, teleport to other moka and hide under her bed. Third beg moka to stay under her bed. And fourth? Pray to every type of god there is that he doesn't get found.

Before naruto could move, he felt his body wrapped in seals....looking at kaguya, who had a pair of cuffs or something in her hand, she started to walk to him....oh hell no!

Teleporting towards kaguya, he attempted to take the cuffs in her hand, and he succeeded...only to see it fly out of his hand and wrap themselves around his wrists. Soon however he felt an extra effect kaguya probably made these with...

A seal that releases Phenomes...very, very, potent phenomes....

He whimpered slightly as his heightened senses became affected.

Looking up he saw both moka and kaguya start to strip, he could feel his special place start to harden...however his hardening member grew more in size when he heard two other voices.

'Is naruto-kun here kaguya-san' asked a voice naruto was familiar with as he had heard that voice over a few hours ago.

'Yeah I can't wait for him' said another voice, which made him sweat a little... he was so fucked, both literally and figuratively.

Kaguya stopped her strip tease and grinned seductively. 'Yes he is here now girls' replied kaguya as she slowly started to strip tease naruto once again.

The silver haired moka had already lost her article of clothing and was hanging off of naruto and moving her body around his, it wasn't much of a surprise for her when she found something poking her thigh.

Hearing a door open, naruto looked towards the opened door and started to gap.

There stood the pink haired moka and ruby...

He swore he could hear angels singing when he looked at outer moka.

Moka stood there with the cutest of blushes adoring her face. She stood there with a matching pair of white bra and panties, which looked really tight on her, if the fact that her breasts looked like they were going to spill out of their confines.

When he looked at ruby he was shocked.

Ruby wore her hair as per normal with her two signature ponytails by the side of her head, with most of her hair just falling down. She wore a red leather bra and pantie combination. Along with a collar around her neck...

Yep she is a total masochist.

He watched as the four girls stood in a straight line, each doing a seductive pose towards him. Combined with the fact of the beauty of all the girls, and the pheromones being produced from Kaguya's cuffs...he broke the cuffs and jumped towards the group of girls.

Throughout the night moans and groans could be heard every few minutes. (Yeah sorry no lemon as I would suck at it. Maybe in a different story)


The next morning for naruto was a blessing. Looking down towards his stomach he saw both moka's laying there with their heads on his chest with their arms wrapped around each other and him. Looking towards his left. He saw kaguya holding his arm and hand in certain places. And when he looked to the right he saw ruby.....taking pictures.....

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