Chapter 64.

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Several hours later, Rey paced back and forth in front of the security bay, anxiously waiting for the moment Resistance guards let Ben go, or at least had an update with their plan of action.

After their meeting, Lando arrived with his crew, escorting Leia away in a tearful embrace as the old friends caught up. Rey's heart clenched at the sight, though she briefly picked up on Ben's turmoil as well before his block shot up.

Shortly after, the security team took Ben into a briefing room, drilling him further about First Order intel and eventually a physical search, taking his lightsaber away and angering him even more.

Ben seethed as he was handcuffed, refusing to look anyone in the eye as he was taken away.

Rey stuck by his side until that very moment, watching as he was escorted away, and as Rey tried to join them in the room, one of the guards stepped in front of her when she tried to enter the room, refusing her entry as they dealt with private matters.

Still, even as the door closed, he kept his eyes forward and jaw taunt, the last sight Rey saw as the door closed.

And so, the pacing began.

Rey knew the situation at hand would be a tense one.

However, Ben Solo was finally home, regardless of the war at hand or the way everyone felt about him. He was answering for his faults and crimes, even if he was struggling while doing so.

The thought brought a small smile to Rey's face as she counted the cracks in the floor.


Her head whipped up at the sound of her friend's voice.

A few feet away, both Poe and Rose stood, studying her intently and giving off the vibe of being scared to approach her, unaware of Rey's current state of mind. They were both eager to check in on her and speak with Rey without the curious eyes of the Resistance members.

Though she anxiously stopped her pacing, Rey's smile widened at the sight of the pair.

"Hey. I was going to go look for you shortly, I just wanted-" Rey began rambling, though she was cut off by Rose.

"It's okay. We know the situation is tense-" Rose started, Poe cutting in.

"Yeah, if that's what you want to call it." He mumbled.

Rey's brow quirked involuntarily as her heart clenched with dread, knowing that it would not be an easy thing for them to accept Ben's presence here.

A long time ago, she was sure Rey herself would have felt the same.

"Poe... He's agreed to help to us. It's not ideal, I know... But we need him..."

Rose continued watching her, and Rey noticed that her friend did not share the same anger that Poe held in his eyes.

"I just can't believe you're so willing to accept his help after all he's done." Poe shook his head.

This time, Rey's jaw flinched with a mix of annoyance and hurt.

"Poe, if you really think it was easy than you really know nothing. A lot has happened since I last saw you..." Rey's voice trailed off as she remembered the events that called her away, starting from the time in Cinnon'Ra, to training with Ben, and everything in Naboo.

She'd seen so much, experienced things no other should go through, and in it all stood Ben at her side. No one would understand it, and she couldn't think of a way to make them.

Poe's gaze met Rey's, his eyes squinting with confusion. "And what exactly happened?" He asked, his tone of voice giving way to an unsteady flicker of jealousy that caused Rey to drift away.

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