Chapter 4.

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Several hours had passed, and it was time to get ready. Rey was in her small room now , thankful to Leia for giving her her own space. With so many people added to the Resistance, it was hard to get your own room, especially one with it's own washroom.

Freshly showered, she went to her bed where her outfit lay. Picking it up, she examined it.

It was silver, with lots of sequins covering it, with only two skinny straps to lay on her shoulders. The front will dip between her breasts very deep, and form into a 'V' in her midsection. It was long, and the back of it hung extremely low, she assumed it would reveal her entire back and sit right above her bum.

She felt a blush creep up her neck again. Never had she worn such a thing, but she could not deny how beautiful the dress was.

On the bed lay an sapphire, crystal necklace, and staring it, she felt it almost hum to her. Shaking the feeling away, she glanced to the right at the black laced sandals that lay next to the necklace. For that, Rey was thankful. She knew the higher heeled shoes girls wore, they looked painful and she definitely did not want to put up with that through the night.

An hour later, she was ready. Her hair had dried, and she braided one side and let the other fall past her shoulders now that it was getting longer. She had the necklace on, which complimented her eyes and pink lips, and the dress...

The dress...

The dress itself looked amazing. It snug to every curve, it did indeed hang low between her breasts and left her back bare.

Staring at the dress on her in the mirror started to make her feel sick. She felt so out of place in this thing, the dress was not like her at all, but compared to what every one else was wearing, it was nothing. Every at the base went all out for the event, and Finn and Rose deserved it. It was more of a ball then a wedding or event.

'Yes, for Finn and Rose.' Rey thought. She sighed, and moved away from the mirror, wishing the night woul-

The silence stung the air, a vibrating buzz shook through her body.

She froze, her heart stopped, her breath hitched.

The bond.


Rey slowly turned around, and there he stood, in the corner of her room. He was dressed in his usual black outfit, but his cape was thicker. It looked... royal.

His hair was black fire around his face.

Her lips parted, begging to say something, anything, yet nothing came out.

His eyes devoured her entire being, raking up from her bare feet, studying the dress with such intent that made her knees weak, moving up to the 'V' of her dress, up her neck and for a moment they rest on the necklace before moving to her face, and now, her eyes.

Kylo took it all in. He wasn't sure what he expected, but it was not this. He was well informed that there would be some sort of celebration tonight, though he wasn't sure what the occasion was. He didn't care. He had the entire Resistance in the palm of his hand, and all he had to do tonight was crush it, crush them.

But, again, here the scavenger was, distracting him, the Supreme Leader.

"I will make this quick-" he began until Rey interrupted him.

"Why are you here? Why now?" Rey asked, her arms crossing over her chest. She suddenly felt exposed. Very exposed. And the way her watched her, the way his eyes never left hers, made her body warm.

"You, scavenger, do not get to ask questions here. I answer to no one-"

"Right, because you killed your master, why? What was the goal here?"

"Quiet! I came to show you what has happe-" He glared at her.

"Nothing has happened besides us gaining new allies and you denying your future!" She yelled at him. Shocking her, he quickly stalked towards her, backing her into the corner of her room. He towered over her, she had to crane her neck back just to keep her eyes on him. She refused to be frightened of him, yet physically, even he could see she was.

Kylo smirked. She was still so naïve.

His voice dropped, almost silky as he spoke. "I can feel it too, remember? Rey, I know you transferred light to me that night. I felt it, even in the morning when I woke. Stop denying your power, stop holding on."

He was so close now, his sweet breath hitting her face. She could see every line on his face, every speck in his hazel eyes.

His gaze raked down her neck and chest, and back up meeting her eyes.

She looked truly divine, and he pictured her just like this by his side as they ruled together.

Sensing that her defenses were down, he peered into her mind, surprised that her guard was completelydiminished. He felt her warmth, he felt the need, the crave. It instantly drove his nerves mad. He could see that this was a new feeling for her. Was she really that inexperienced? Kylo questioned.

"I..I don't know what..." Rey was stumbling now, tripping over the thoughts in her mind. It was confusing having him so close when he distanced himself for so long. She was surprised when he had mentioned the last time they had connected, and that he felt what she did. She wanted so desperately to ask him questions, to find out when he knew about the whole ordeal, but she could not think to save her life. And he was only getting closer...And closer...she felt his arm snake around her waist, forgetting that her back was bare in this dress.

When he sucked in a breath of air, she guessed he wasn't expecting it.

"Ben..." she trailed off, her eyes closing as his face neared hers.

She had seen this on Jakku. Of course she knew what a kiss was. She just never experienced it herself... Never thought that it would be this delicious, and they barely even touched.

"Rey...' Kylo whispered, his bottom lip lightly touching hers as he spoke. Her lips moved to meet his, but he moved away from her. Rey's eyes opened, lazily, dreamlike almost. When she finally gained her composure again, she was angry, angry at him.

He was in the corner, standing there as if he had never moved, his fist balled...

And it dawned on her that it was a mind trick.

Her cheeks flushed, her blood running cold as she glared at him.

"How dare you!" She yelled, stomping towards him. She raised her hand, and he mirrored her, but she was faster, and in the moment she was more powerful. She pushed him with such force that his skin stung. His body hit the wall of his ship, and his hand was instantly wrapped around the hilt of his lightsaber.

When he looked back up, Rey was gone and the bond was broken.

He tried cooling down, tried to catch his breath.

This damn scavenger knew how to rile him up.

Thinking of her in the dress, he decided she knew how to rile him up in many ways.

He glanced down at his fist, opening it to reveal the emerald necklace.

It was his mothers necklace.

It was her last piece of kyber crystal.

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