Chapter 10.

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"Yes, at the base. The signal was quite a mess, but the plan has been set in motion." A muffled voice said behind the troopers white mask. He was speaking with General Hux in the corner of the meeting room when Kylo Ren caught their conversation.

"Good. We will need it se- Supreme Leader! I was just looking for you." Hux lied. Kylo looked at him with a blank expression, knowing very well that the general was in no way looking for him.

Since the death of their leader months before, Kylo had taken over his place, rightfully so. As tradition, and rule, once a Supreme Leader has fallen, the next of kin or chosen by the leader before, is to take place. The one next in line is set to rule, given one year to be challenged by any other who opposes it.

Grimly, Kylo thought of the twelve that challenged him thus far, all having fallen to Kylo's hand. It was no secret to him that General Hux wished to be a challenger, but even the fool knew he was no match to Kylo.

So instead, he bent his knee to the new ruler, a boy he despised, a boy whom was only ruler by sheer luck that he had the power of the force. Envy and the desire for power drove him mad.

"Well, here I am. What is it that you want?" Kylo asked. He stepped towards Hux, and the Stormtrooper that he was speaking with made a fast get away. It was no worry to Kylo. There were little places to hide on this ship, and even the trooper knew he would not be able to hide anything once captured.

Kylo's cold and amused gaze never left Hux as he towered over the man now.

Hux gulped, and stuttered his response. "I, I just wanted...I just wanted to know what the next step is?" Hux cleared his throat, blinking a few times too many. His voice cracked and his tone lowered to a hesitant whisper. "We had the Resistance base in our hand. I jus-"

"So, you wanted to question me?" Kylo asked, daring an answer from Hux.

Kylo knew Hux was up to something, attempting a plan to dethrone him, but he was not sure of the details. Hux was a master at blocking his mind off from the probes of the force, Kylo would give him that. Having dealt with Snoke so much, it was hard not to be. He wanted badly to end the man's life here and now, and was positive he would be able to do so very easily without any fight back.

However, if Kylo raised a finger to Hux without solid proof of disloyalty, the entire crew would disband themselves from his rule.

Kylo snarled at his own thought, making him wan-

Interrupting his thought, a solid weight hit him square in the chest. For a moment, it felt as though he lost his breath. Kylo stopped himself before he could wince, his nostrils flaring at the sudden assault.

Hux looked at him curiously, though he was still too frightened to question what happened.

"Get out of my sight!" Kylo yelled through clenched teeth, and without needing to be told twice, Hux scurried away.

His hand to his chest now, Kylo leaned his weight on his palm that now rested against a command console along the wall and inhaled deeply.

Cursing to himself as he strode to his chambers, he wondered if the girl had anything to do with this.

Throwing himself into the chair at his desk, he shut his eyes and meditated, trying to focus on the scavenger. In order to get there, he let his anger fall for a moment, his breathing evening out. Slowly, his mind cleared, and he focused on her face, on her light.

He could feel her there, sense her right on the other side of the wall she built to block him out, just as he had done to her. This time though, hers was stronger. His brow furrowed, and inhaling, he tried again.

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