Chapter 6.

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"I mean, of course I'm excited. It's just a very big step. It's not too fast is it?" Rose asked, staring at herself in the mirror.

Rey was staring off into the distance, thinking about her She still was not sure what to call it, and whatever it was, shook her to her core.

It had been a while since she had given thought to her parents. Back on Jakku, she thought of them every single moment of every day. She had so much hope for their return, looking at the face of every person who stumbled their way onto the forgotten planet, wanting so desperately for one of them to be something she could recognize.

However, no one ever came for her. For years she was alone, taking care of herself, fighting for herself, scavenging for herself.

'That's right...Because I'm a scavenger.' Rey thought to herself. It was all for nothing, all the waiting and hoping. Her parents were there the entire time, buried in a pauper's grave, having been no one to the outside world, but everything to the young Rey.

"Rey?" Rose asked, now at Rey's side, touching her shoulder. Rey jumped back to reality, and looked to her friend, giving her a wide smile that Rose did not believe to be genuine.

"I'm sorry. I have a bit on my mind, but that is not a discussion for today." Rey replied, and shamefully, she pressed Rose's mind, unbeknownst to her, for the question she had asked. "No, it's not too fast. You and Finn compliment each other extremely well, I can feel the pull you have to one another. You're both the soul the other needs." Glancing to the ground, Rey found this to be very true. There were times she had watched Finn and Rose together, their complicated beings aching for peace and finding it in one another. They were both fiercely devoted to the Rebellion, but Rey could feel the want they both shared to be over with the war and move on with their life.

This time, Rey offered a smile that Rose returned, feeling that this one was real, and immediately Rose's hesitations and worries washed away. She returned to the large mirror and Rey watched her, admiring the way Rose's dressed looked. It was a white dress, the white laced sleeves clinging to her small arms, the dresses trail coming down to below her knee. It wasn't a crazy dress, but it was very much Rose, Rey decided.

"Alright. I think I'm ready." Rose turned to Rey, blushing and grinning.

BB-8 came into the room, rolling out numerous beeps that both girls took as a whistle. Rey chuckled.

"I agree. You look stunning, Rose." She said, standing now. Rose looked at her in shock.

"I do? What about you! You dress is amazing! I feel under dressed compared to your outfit and everyone elses!" she exclaimed, making Rey blush now.

"Leia asked...well, ordered me to wear this. No one can really say no to her." Rey looked to the floor, shyly, and Rose nodded knowingly. Both girls smiled. It was extremely hard to say no to the general after all she had done.

BB-8 whistled again, followed by him flipping out a small claw that held a little white box. Rose took it, grinning. Opening it, she pulled out a patch that belonged on Finn's jacket. Rey wasn't sure the meaning, but she knew that this little patch meant something to Rose as she watched her hold it close to her chest and smiled lovingly. Rose's eyes lit up as she grabbed something from her vanity and turned to Rey.

"Oh! I almost forgot. Can you take this to Finn?" Rose asked, handing Rey a brown, carved box. It fit in Rey's hand perfectly, and she took a moment to study the etched design on the lid of the box.

"A present?" Rey asked, holding the light box up.

Rose nodded. "It's tradition, apparently. He'll know." She said. Rey smiled and nodded, taking the gift to go to Finn's room, leaving the bride to be alone, smiling as her friend hummed a happy tune that she could hear all the way down the hall.

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