Chapter 56.

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The following morning, a very stubborn Rey rolled to her stomach on the all-too soft bed.

"Mmmm." she grunted into her pillow, covered by her messy hair.

Inhaling deeply, she thought she caught a scent of the most divine soap, the smell of teakwood and daisies mixing into something delicious along her skin.

'That's funny...' she sleepily thought. 'I didn't take a-'

Her eyes popping open, she blinked a few times as the morning sun peaked through the curtains, warming her nude body as she lay on top of the bed surrounded by pillows and blankets.

Glancing down, she realized then that she was truly naked, and her hair was soft and brushed, her body clean and smelling so good.

Narrowed eyes found Kylo sitting in the other room, pulling his boots on, already dressed in his cleaned, black tunic. Sensing her awake, his head turned to the side, his eyes never meeting hers.

"You shouldn't sleep so long. We only have a few days left to train before the event." He said, his tone deep and already irritating Rey as she growled.

She didn't have to see his face to know he was already smirking, he practically screamed it at her through the bond.

"You could have woken me. And what's this? You bathed me and carried me to bed?" she glowered at him.

Kylo stood and slowly walked over to her, his eyes already on her naked form. Rey quickly grabbed at the nearest blanket, covering herself in such haste that nearly left her breathless.

Had she really been that tired that he was able to get away with bathing her and putting her to sleep?

Rey cursed herself as the corner of his lip turned up into a sly smile.

If Rey weren't so annoyed, she'd think it arousing.

"I couldn't resist." He said, standing at the edge of the bed, towering over her and still sporting his smirk. His large hand gripped the blanket, and Rey's eyes drifted down to watch the movement, her own hand gripping it harder.

Kylo gave a quick, stern tug as Rey's eyes narrowed even more, hissing at him.

Both the look and sound of her made his amusement grow, along with his arousal as his mind showed her the way he bathed her last night, the way his hands skimmed across her warm skin, paying extra attention to her curves, planting soft kisses along her flesh, already planning on showing her this memory as he did all of this.

He took care in draining the water, letting them dry in the tub before maneuvering her into a bridal position and carrying her to bed, where he brushed her hair and held her until he too fell asleep, and woke up just an hour ago, brushing his knuckles against her hardened nipples, trailing down her abdomen and skimming over her warm center.

Even with his actions and his memory, Rey spotted how his cheeks turned a slight pink as his eyes drifted down, his own lips still sporting his small smile.

Rey wanted so badly to be angry with him, hating that she had fallen asleep, and that during that time she was-

"Yeah, I know. You hate not being in control." Kylo scoffed, straightening himself and lightly dusting off his tunic.

He walked over to the dining table that sat a few feet away, and Rey realized now that there were covered trays and glasses of water and juice waiting there.

Mindlessly, her hands let the blanket go, allowing it to fall to her waist as she sat up and leaned forward to see what dish he was uncovering.

Kylo glanced behind him, meeting her eyes briefly before his hungry gaze fell to her exposed breasts.

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