Chapter 26.

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Back at his main ship, Kylo Ren paced the halls that lead to main meeting room, having been told just moments ago that Vicar Ren had been trying to get ahold of him while he was away.

Kylo of course noticed the smirk that came along with the message, setting off a chill of rage at the general, knowing his plotting was still continuing.

What it had to do with the powerful Knight of Ren, Kylo did not know.

Hissing through his teeth, Kylo opened the door to the room, taking a seat at the head of the large table that sat in the middle and simply looking in the direction of a few stormtroopers that were guarding the area. Taking the hint, they left Kylo alone, shutting the door behind them.

Clearing his throat, Kylo Ren sent out a holo ring to Vicar, and only seconds later, the hologram of Vicar Ren filled the space in front of him, the man's large stance faced expectantly towards Kylo.

"Ah, Kylo Ren! I have been trying to get ahold of you for some time now. Where have you been?" Vicar asked, his lids squinted towards Kylo as he studied him.

Kylo returned his gaze, his look however, was very irritated. The last thing he wanted was Hux and Vicar scheming together, and Kylo knew that if anyone would challenge him for the title of Supreme Leader, it would be the knight that stood in front of him now.

"None of your concern. What is it you need, Vicar?" He asked, his tone was cold and hard.

Vicar bit his cheek before he spoke. "We had word of a resistance base on Excora."

For a moment, Kylo wanted to shut the communicator off right away, but knew if he made any such movement, Vicar would pick up on it. Instead, Kylo kept his expression bored.

"Yes, what of it?" Kylo bit.

Vicar's eyes widened with amusement. "So, you knew of it?"

This time, Kylo's eyes narrowed, frustration pricking the back of his neck with tension. "Yes, nothing came of it."

Vicar stared at him for a moment, silent before he smirked. "I see. Well, with no word from you, I sent some of our troops to assist Hux with taking their base down, however we were all quite shocked to see that it was abandoned only hours before we arrived. Curious, isn't it."

Kylo lifted a brow, moving to the edge of his seat as rage set in. "Vicar, are you suggesting something?"

Vicar returned his glare, nostrils flaring. "I find it odd, you leave your own base, alone may I add, with no word of where you are going, just as the entire resistance base is fleeing the moment we hear of it. According to General Hux, Snoke did mention your soul being split to the bone from the death of Han So-"

Before Vicar could get the words out, Kylo Ren stood from his chair and walked over the hologram, hands balled into fists as he spoke with his teeth clenched.

"Let me remind you, Snoke is dead. And one thing he did before he died was ensure that the rightful man took his throne, and as I recall, out of all the Knights, he chose me. I will not be questioned, Vicar. Don't forget that."

Vicar glared at Kylo, and Kylo glared at Vicar, both men absolutely silent with Kylo's words hanging between them.

Vicar licked at his lip. "So be it, Supreme Leader. Challenge Day falls upon us soon, only months away, and the galaxy will truly be yours." he said as he reached for to end the call.

Kylo lifted a palm to him to stop. "One last thing. You will not speak with Hux," Kylo paused and moved his head slightly to catch Vicar's gaze. "Your loyalty and allegiance lies with me. You answer to me."

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