Chapter 57.

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Training continued, Kylo refusing to deviate from his strict schedule.

Rey's bones were tired, her muscles aching from exhaustion, but she couldn't deny that the soreness was somehow pleasing. It reminded her of the long, sweaty times of her scavenging days, working hard for the big pull, rewarding herself with dinner.

It was odd, she was sure, to view her troubles in such a unique way. But that was how Rey raised herself, to use her downfalls, limitations, and struggles by turning them into strengths, no matter how hard it was.

In fact, that was something Kylo admired about her, even now as he watched and studied her body movement while they trained, using her small form to whirl around him with ease, escaping his reach.

Today, they left the wooden staffs laying around the training grounds, using their lightsabers to draw the other to their loss.

They were equally sweaty and out of breath, Rey dressed down in one of Kylo's black, sleeveless shirts and a pair of beige, baggy pants.

Kylo, however, aimed to distract her by eventually going shirtless, a sharp spike of desire flitted through their bond and he smirked at her scowl.

If anything, though, it only drove her strikes harder against him.

For every low swipe she made, he answered with a heavy downward strike, casting his saber down only to be met by her push, refusing to give up and let him gain any momentum.

Her blows were fast and fierce, her ease and quickness throwing him off the longer they fought. Kylo's mouth formed into a thin line as his nostrils flared, his eyes wide as they watched for her next move, expecting the round of strikes she got into the habit of making after distancing themselves for some time.

Rey's eyes were sharp and intent on his as she circled around him, her lightsaber whipping thin, white and purple lines of electricity at him, as if that alone would scare him off from its master.

His eyes slightly squinted at her, sizing her up and waiting for her move, his saber hissing with anticipation for the fight.

Like a match to gasoline, their battle ignited once more, this time however, Rey charged at him, blocking his strike with the saber in one of her hands and driving a hard, flattened kick to his chest and sending him stumbling back to one knee, his hand gripping his saber at the ground.

Before he had a chance to recover and bring his saber back up, Rey was on him in the same second, planting her foot on the top of his hand so that he was unable to move his weapon, lowering herself to throw her body weight into his chest, forcing him to his back.

Kylo's free hand raised in an instant, preparing to throw her back with the force, however Rey quickly caught him by the wrist and shoved his arm down next to his head, pinning him there.

Whipping her lightsaber around, she brought in between his pinned arm and his head, the weapon extremely close to burning his skin.

Breathless, and tired against the ground, he muttered his forfeit to her.


Rey narrowed her gaze at him, towering over him as she controlled both hers and his movements.

Applying more pressure with her foot on top of his hand, she watched him visibly wince.

"I didn't hear you."

Kylo sneered at her as she moved the saber towards his face, his heart beat picking up pace.

"I yield." he said, his voice louder as he glared up at her. For the quickest moment, he was reminded of the scar she had branded him with, picturing her hand and blade doing the same thing again.

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