Chapter 58.

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'Wide right step...'

'Swipe low, extend out...'

'Swing around, hard and fast...'

'Twirl, not alone, but with your sword...'

'Now strike, urgently and powerful.'

'Feel the rage, feel the fright. Now, overcome it.'

Training was yet again an intense session. There was no need to confirm that his demeanor was stiff and tension high, so high that it caused Rey to hold back from asking what was bothering him.

Instead, she let the silence fill the air between them as they dressed for the day, and let it linger as they ate their breakfast before training.

Sighing, she went back to practicing the moves he had shown her, repeating the only few words he had spoken to her earlier.

'Now overcome it.' his deep voice rang.

Rey's movements became quicker as she continued making the same step and jab, her power performing just as much as her muscles and bones were.

Sighing, Rey looked behind her to see Kylo standing against the wall, arms crossed and foot planted on the stone behind him.

He looked a mix of relaxed and rebellious, a sight that seemed to please Rey as she offered an unreturned shy smile.

Hesitantly, she spoke. "How's it looking?"

He observed her for a moment, his face emotionless as his eyes cast down her stance.

Wordlessly, he gave a single nod of approval.

Rey's smile slowly fell as she glanced away, deactivating her lightsaber and placing it at her hip, thankful for the wind in the air today before she turned back to face him.

"What's bothering you?" she asked with a shake of her head.

Kylo's dark eyes glanced to meet hers before focusing on the sea behind her.

Again, he remained silent.

Grumbling, Rey stalked towards him, her sudden movements catching him off guard as he watched her, his eyes slightly wide and body tensing up.

Rey stood inches away from him, peering up at him with a hard glare as she pointed a slim finger at his chest.

"Don't shut me out just because you can't use your words!"

Kylo's eyes narrowed at her as his jaw visibly tensed. He moved to stand firmly on both feet, his presence at the door of her mind, loud and stubborn.

Rey continued, "Say something!" she begged. "Do something, anything!"

With both palms, she flattened them against his crossed arms and gave a hard shove, Kylo watched her still, barely budging.

The fact that he barely moved against her pushes aggravated Rey to no end, her cheeks reddening as she shoved him again, this time, with a little force.

His arms gently fell to his sides, and he made quick work to rebalance himself on his feet, his amusement and annoyance growing as he looked down at the growing, angry ball that is Rey.

With a huff, Rey stepped back, meeting his eyes.

Timidly, her mind flipped through memories over the past month, finding the time she had slapped him hard across his cheek, letting the memory play from her mind to his as she glared at him.

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