Chapter 7.

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Happy faces, some teary eyed, filled the halls with joy. The ceremony went extremely well, the entire rebellion watching as Finn and Rose declared their love and devotion to each other, promising one another their own lives, forever.

When the new bride and groom shared their first kiss as such, the hall broke out into cheers and whistles, people yelling their congrats to the couple.

They were all told to begin moving outside to the back of the base, where it was decorated with twice as many flowers and lanterns, lights strung up between tree branches. Those tasked with clearing out all debris and junk from the yard did a wonderful job, not a spot left uncleansed or undecorated. There was a designated are were the bar sat, people lining up to get their favorite alcoholic drinks that they hadn't enjoyed in a very, very long time, all thanks to Maz Kanata, who had made the journey to the new Resistance base to share in the celebration.

Rey was near the exit, leaning up against the wall as she watched and admired everyone having such a great time. She noted how people flocked to Finn and Rose, giving their wishes, and soon moving onto to speak with General Organa, who sat at the main table with the new couple. She looked absolutely remarkable, dressed in a very big and royal gown, the gold and maroon colors made her glow.

"She looks amazing." Someone said to Rey, and she turned to see Poe was now standing beside her, looking at her with a lopsided smile. His hand was tucked into the back of his pocket, his hair wild. He was dressed in dark colors as well, black dress pants, a white comfortable dress shirt, and black jacket. He looked quite dashing she thought. Rey would have blushed, if her mind wasn't so heavy.

She returned his smile, and nodded. "Yes, she does. I guess she's used to this type of thing though, being a princess and all." Rey replied.

Poe squinted his eyes for a second, glancing down and back up to meet her eyes. "Well, she too. But I was actually talking about you." He smiled, his white teeth gleaming.

This time, Rey did blush. She wanted to roll her eyes but knew it would be rude. Her skin was agitated from the blushing tonight, and she wondered if she would get used to being called these things.

"Thank you, Poe. You look dashing yourself." She said, and his smile widened.

After a moment of silence, Poe asked, "So, want a drink?" he nodded towards the bar where people were laughing and cheering.

Rey glanced over, curiosity pouring out of her. She had never had such a drink, but she knew it made people loopy. Part of her was scared of it, but it looked fun.

"Well, I've never..." she trailed, feeling slightly embarrassed. Rey was very comfortable admitting to Finn that she didn't know this or that, and he never made her feel insecure about it. Being on Jakku, Rey had to become her own teacher, and that was very hard. She was able to pick up on some books here and there, but she didn't know only knew how to live, how to scavenge, to get on day by day.

To survive.

And when it came to the sacred Jedi texts, it was harder. Rey could decipher some words from there, but a lot of the time the writing was either smudged or written in a language she couldn't understand. But the words called to her. A few months ago, when she had enough of being frustrated, she went to Finn to ask for help, but he was too busy assisting Rose plan the wedding.

She understood, and that's when she ran into Poe, who had overheard her needing help. He was able to provide some help, but not much. Rey was still thankful, and since then, had taken a liking to him.

However now, she was not sure why she felt embarrassed to admit she didn't know much of this drink.

"Oh! Well it can be good. You may not like the ale, but they do have a spiked punch that is a good alternative. Why don't we-" and Poe was cut off, having been hit in the knee by the one and only Maz.

"Get away from the girl, you charming fool. Go fetch my boyfriend will you?" She asked, giving him a knowing smile. Poe smiled back at her, knowing he was caught trying to swoon Rey, but she had no idea of this.

"Chewie's at the bar with BB-8. Even you can see him from here." He teased.

Maz chuckled and smacked his leg again. "I said go fetch him. I'm sure all that flying about hasn't damaged your ears that much!" She said. He chuckled again, and glanced at Rey, who was watching the exchange with amusement. He winked at her and left the women.

"Oh, my dear, let us sit." Maz said. Rey slowly led her to a stoned bench away from the party, where they sat beneath a tree lit with strung lights. Maz studied Rey's face, and Rey allowed her.

"I can see the trouble you are in, I can smell it from a mile away, young one. What has happened?"

Rey swallowed, unsure of what she said, and how she should say it. She was so thankful Maz was here. Because of this odd woman, Rey was able to discover a path for her destiny, though it may be filled with rubble and dust, she was still able to find a sense of where she was supposed to be the first time the pair had met

Rey hoped she could do the same again.

"Maz, I don't know where to begin..."

And with that, it spilled out. Her training with Luke on Ach-To, and how she was pulled to the dark side for just a moment, and the vision that followed. Rey explained what happened with Ben and Snoke, and how he defeated his master and together, his guards.

She told her the idea of transferring light, yet gaining dark, though she did not tell Maz how that came about. Rey let her feelings show about being told her parents were dead, and what that did for her soul.

Rey struggled with the thought of telling Maz about the force bond with Ben, but decided against it.

After taking a moment to think when Rey was finished, Maz sighed. "Oh, my dear child. Trouble you are in, indeed. I knew you were a magnet for it, but oh..." Maz shook her head.

"What of Kylo Ren? Have you had any other interactions with him since killing Snoke?" she asked, making Rey freeze.

The old woman sighed. "Keep your secrets, but they will come out. I may not be a Jedi, but I am force-sensitive. I can feel there is a connection there, my dear. Do not be frightened. There is a reason you showed up when you did, when you left your homeland when you did, and why you and Ben Solo's paths cross so often. Only you will find the true reason for this." Maz explained.

"As for the ability to transfer light, it is a possibility, but Jedi's never practiced this. There was an old tale of a certain Jedi being able to bring a dark force user back to life using the light of the force. But this, I think may be different. I assume, if you are projecting your light onto others, others that are not force-sensitive, it is the same as a mind trick." The last words stung Rey's heart as she remembered Ben's trick earlier.

Maz continued, "However, if you are transferring light onto a dark sider, you must be channeling and absorbing their own dark. Do not mess around with that, Rey." she sternly warned, and for a moment, nearly begged.

Rey thought for a moment. 'So, I was right.' She discovered, her stomach turning. Her body shifted uncomfortably, and Rey couldn't decide if she felt relieved or not. 'At least I have some answers...At least I'm not crazy here.'

Glancing back at Maz, she realized she was studying her, reading her like an open book. Immediately and unintentionally, Rey put up a block to stop her, surprising Maz.

"Alright, Maz. Stop hogging the beautiful lady, she owes me a dance." Poe called from behind them, Chewie towering over him. Seeing them, Maz quickly got up from the bench and went to hug him, Chewie nodding and bending down to embrace her.

Rey realized this was the first time they had seen each other since Han's passing. With a sad smile, Rey stood, and Poe offered his arm to her. For a moment, Rey was caught off guard with what to do, but remembered seeing people loop their arms together as they walked.

Sparing one last glance to Chewie and Maz, she wrapped her hand around Poe's bicep as they left the pair to grieve, Maz's words echoing in her mind. "Do not mess around with that, Rey."

Another whisper entered her mind. 'That is not your destiny.'

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