Chapter 35.

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Two hours later, Kylo Ren found himself in the company of Vicar, Paz, Hux, Makeem, and 4 of Vicar's strongest guardsmen.

It irritated Kylo beyond thought knowing that Rey was being held captive, and that she was not in his sight. The oncoming events made his annoyance grow, ready to get the day over with.

"That scum is mad." Vicar hissed, rolling his arm around, trying to get any feeling back in it.

They all sat onboard Vicar's ship, still docked at Cinnon'Ra, the large conference room reminded Kylo almost too much of Snoke's throne room, though this one was silver and dark blue, and the group's throne-like chairs were all aligned in formation on the top level, overseeing all that went on in the room.

From the middle, Vicar cursed loudly as a medical droid attempted to stitch his wound close, the large cut still bleeding from his shoulder. Without hesitation, Vicar grabbed the droid by its neck and threw it over the edge of their platform, a few seconds later, random bits and screws flew everywhere as it clashed to the ground, immediately breaking the bot.

"She will pay. I say we feed her to the ithorian sharks." Paz called from the far end.

Kylo's fist clenched even harder, glaring at the wall across the room. It took all he had not to rip the woman to shreds. After Rey told Kylo of Paz's plan to murder him once Vicar was handled, his anger grew, especially when she spoke.

"No. Too quick." Vicar huffed, snarling at the thought of the young Jedi scum he was going to deal with.

Next to Kylo, Makeem shifted in his seat, a small smirk playing on his face. "Not too quick for me, though."

At this, Vicar grunted, nearly laughing. The boy's cockiness always amused him.

The group grew silent, only for a moment, but in the silence is when Vicar noticed something.

"Kylo, you're quiet." Vicar stated, turning to eye him as he wordlessly demanded an explanation.

Kylo slowly blinked, his only way of avoiding the instinct to roll his eyes. "This girl is the one who killed our previous Supreme Leader. Caution is advised." He replied, eyes focusing on the wall again, bored and agitated.

The last bit of the statement was true.

Kylo knew this for a fact.

Rey was not in control of her powers, or of the force. She was a wildcard, and unpredictable. Hell, the events of today proved exactly that.

"You're saying she has more tricks up her sleeve? Ha! Wait until she sees mine." Vicar scoffed at Kylo, and from the corner of his eye, he watched as Vicar turned to give a single nod to General Hux, who was standing behind both him and Kylo. Hux gave him a sadistic smile, returning the nod.

In that instant, Kylo knew it to be true.

Hux and Vicar were working together, on what, he was not sure.

Kylo's blood grew hot, stinging from the inside out as his anger boiled. He would not be able to push into Vicar's mind. He knew Vicar was much too strong for that, and Hux was bold enough to continue his own block, finding ways to think of anything else but what Kylo wanted.

In a moment like this, Kylo cursed Snoke for the constant abuse he gave to Hux, unknowingly building Hux's strength against force users.

Kylo cursed himself as well, having not seen what was truly happening.

Angry, bored, and overall humiliated from having to waste his time with these games, Kylo turned to Vicar, prepared to end it all, easily.

One force choke, one stab from his lightsaber, and the child would be gone.

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