Chapter 48.

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Yards away, an emergency broadcast called to the ship that belonged to the bonded pair that still lay in each other arms, the call going unanswered over, and over, and over again...

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Several hours later, Rey's eyes slowly fluttered open, her senses quietly returning as she glanced around the dimly lit room, her lazy, hooded eyes falling to the clothes that lay scattered around the ground, only now realizing that they both knocked over a few stacks of books in the middle of their journey.

A small, shy smile tugged at her lips as the events that followed were called to her mind.

As she smiled, she realized she was resting on top of Kylo, her warm cheek pressed against his hard chest as it rose and fell with every deep breath he took as he slept. Slowly, she glanced up to him, admiring his dark, long lashes casting a small shadow across his reddened cheeks.

Rey took her time admiring every imperfection of his face, every angle that called to her, every scar and every hair. As she studied him, she felt the warmth begin to pool in her abdomen again, feeling her muscles clench with the memory of that part of him invading her, learning her, teaching her, drawing her out...

Her own cheeks reddened with a blush as her body shifted, glancing down to his chest, to his belly, and even lower, following the trail of black hair that led to that certain member...

The black, silk sheet that covered them hung low and loose on his body, revealing the thick patch of hair around his member and exposing only the hilt of it before disappearing beneath the cover.

Curiously, Rey's hand trailed from his chest, down to the hair at his navel, giving it a gentle tug as she passed it before her hand hovered over his member that was ready for her attention.

Timidly, she removed the sheet as he sprung to life, her eyes on it as a slim finger softly ran down his shaft. She marveled at how soft and hard it was at the same time, wondering if they were all like that.

Wrapping her fingers around his member, she moved it around a bit, testing the movement and flexibility, her curiosity growing more and more. With Rey's mind elsewhere, she jumped when it twitched in her hand, growing harder as she let it go and glanced upwards, blushing when she met Kylo's open eyes.

His head was resting on his arm, watching as she touched him, admiring her tender shyness come to play across her face just as her eyes sparkled with curiosity.

Sleep plead with his mind, but he was too intrigued.

"Don't let me stop you..." he muttered, smirking down at her as she pressed her hot cheek to his chest.

"I'm sorry..." Rey mumbled into his chest, feeling his chuckle vibrate through to her.

The sound was music to her ears, knowing fully well that it was a rare thing for Kylo to lower his guard enough to even break a smile. The fact that he was allowing it now, that she had gotten so close to him to experience this event with him, was both shocking and satisfying.

From all of their troubles, all of their battles, this was the end result.


As she lay next to him, naked and blushing, she wondered what this meant for them, wondering if his choice was made...wondering if his choice, in the end, was her.

Sighing, Rey timidly glanced up when she felt him catch a wisp of her hair between his thumb and index finger, twisting it around and playing with it, naked and unashamed as he lay next to her with such confidence.

Every scar and imperfection seemed to glow on his skin, begging for attention as her eyes fell to his chest.

With swift and easy movement, Kylo picked her up and laid her on top of him, face to face with her now as he breathed in her scent, his eyes meeting hers as she gasped as the feel of his member nestled against her thigh.

"Oh, um... Ben, I-" Rey trailed off into a breathless whisper as his mouth trailed down to her neck.

The following events of the night stayed with her forever.

He held her close, she was positive that they were touching the entire rest of the night from the moment that he took her once more, teaching her how to move her hips atop of him, and satisfying some deep desire within her when his head fell back as her name left his lips, his body shaking with his release.

The memory was almost as satisfying as the next, when his mouth was on her, tasting her and eating her, drawing out every delicious moan before his husky voice demanded she move to her knees, his long index finger testing the walls of her center.

As she turned, the last sight of him she saw was Ben bringing that same finger to his mouth, tasting her there before guiding himself inside her, her own release answering almost immediately.

It was a busy night, indeed.

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Author's Notes: I am so sorry for the wait! And I'm even more sorry that this was a small chapter. I have been terribly sick with the flu, and I am only now getting better :( I have not forgotten about you all! I will be posting again in a few days, but just wanted to throw out a little something, so here we go! Stay tuned!

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