Chapter 27.

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"How are you feeling?"

It had been three days since the events of Rey rebuilding her lightsaber, and with it, building her strength. She became one with it, letting it mold to her style, and her own skin mending with the weapon, a forgotten friend.

Rey still felt rather protective of it, not ready to let anyone see her cards, so she thought, and decided to keep it hidden beneath her green poncho as she walked beside Kai and Flora, seeking out a new training area on their new home, Pyron.

"Better. Not fully recovered, though." Rey answered, kicking a rock to the side of the path they made.

The air around them was muggy, hot with the raindrops that constantly made an appearance and clung to the atmosphere. What Rey liked, however, was the green that seemed to drown the planet, tall and old trees covering every corner of their home.

"I still can't believe Sano did that to all these people. You offer him a home, and he used it as a stepping stool." Flora stated as she rolled her eyes.

Rey nodded, mostly to herself as she thought of the events that led them there, and what Sano was trying to achieve by staying at their base. Frowning, Rey figured there was a lot more to the story than what met the eye. Remembering the map to Cinnon'Ra that she had stolen from him, she feared what awaited him there, and was more determined than ever to stop him before he succeeded in whatever he was plotting.

And in order to do that, Rey knew she had to build her own team, people she could depend on to go with her, which is why she made the decision to continue training Flora and Kai today.

The three girls remained quiet as they continued their walk, stopping a short while after that when they came across a clearing deep in the forest, hidden away from their new base.

'This is it.' Rey thought, smiling to herself.

Stepping on a large rock, Rey bent and picked it up, tossing it into the air and catching it once more before turning a hopeful smile to the girls.

"Ready?" she asked.

Flora and Kai shared a quick glance before looking towards Rey, all three of them grinning at one another as they began their new lesson.

( x )

She taught them patience.

They taught her movement.

She taught them strength.

They taught her stealth.

Together they practiced, and trained from morning to night, and night to morning.

They chose not use their voice, but their minds instead.

They tried their hand at mind tricking one another.

And eventually, Rey attempted Projection, succeeding for only a quick moment before falling to the ground, all of her energy drained, just as Kylo said it would.

In the following four weeks, Rey trained hard with Flora and Kai, extremely delighted with how well they were growing with the force, and astonished with what she was able to do herself. She had hoped she was making Luke proud.

Spinning on her toes, Rey turned and broke out into a run before jumping into the air, legs split, before landing firmly on both feet ontop of a broken tree stump in the forest they practiced in. Right now, Rey was practicing her movement with Flora and Kai, who taught her to bend her limbs and stretch her muscles in ways she never had before. It was similar to dancing, Rey thought, which made it even more fun for her.

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