Chapter 41.

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He couldn't focus.

He tried taking a second shower through the night, restless and annoyed that any time he closed his eyes, the vision crept right back into his mind. By the third time, he had no choice but to find his own release, taking the opportunity in the shower as Rey slept in the other room.

His fist slammed into the tree in front of him, hissing at the pain and frustration. Now, he was deep in the forest as he trained alone, having left before the sun had a chance to rise, getting away from Rey and her presence that seemed to follow throughout every room in the hut.

Kylo felt weak, weak because he was forced to work out his own pleasure in the night, having not answered the need in a very long time. He was trained to avoid it, trained to believe that it was a weakling's game, the pursuit of lust.

His palm quickly extended out as he lifted shredded pieces of tree bark and with a clench of his fist, it turned to dust in front of his eyes as his breathing hardened the more he thought.

'And the scavenger...Of all people...' His mind whispered.

Yes, indeed, the scavenger.

Kylo gulped, his jaw drawing firm as he readjusted his black glove. Annoyance grew throughout him as his mind played out their kiss and memories of his vision.


She was no scavenger...

She was Rey, his equal... This powerful being in the force...In this galaxy...


His vision showed him exactly what he already knew.

Their power was in synch...Together, balance was alive. One another's equal in every way possible.

The thought made his stomach clench with a wave of pride, and with it, a hint of worry.

His submission...Her submission...Together.

Kylo let out an unsteady breath.

He was succumbing to her...

And he felt no defiance in his being whatsoever.

( X )

Rey quick dried her face with the small, soft cloth on the counter.

She had just gotten done eating a meal prepped by MOX, and went to the washer to clean herself up before she went to join Kylo in training.

She had noticed he left extra early today, nearly slamming the door as he exited before the sun was out.

Questions and dreams plagued her mind through the night, a haunting without evil.

Rey thought of the previous night's dream, her closeness with Kylo, the simple thought alone made her cheeks warm. Desperate to give her mind rest, she thought of everything and anything else. She wondered if she would be strong enough to battle as she previously did, and then her mind wandered to the First Order, thinking about the moment when Hux makes his first move.

She vowed to be ready.

With a deep breath, Rey made her way out to meet Kylo, hoping her vow stayed true.

Rey knew it was going to take time, there was no doubt about it. Even with time, she wasn't sure she could get over her fear of using the force completely. It was true, she was getting better now that she was training again. But the voice in the back of her mind still whispered memories of her with yellow eyes, and electricity emitting from her palms...

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