Chapter 39.

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"What was that?" Rey asked Kylo as they outside the hut. Her wide eyes followed as far as they could into the dark night, hoping to see the shooting star appear.

Kylo looked at her, unsure of what to say. He himself didn't know. Rey glanced to him, expecting an answer, but knew she would not be getting one.

With her eyes on his face, she realized then, she was not the only one plagued with troubles of the mind.

From behind them, MOX appeared at the door. "Excuse me, Master Ren. Are you hungry? I can whip up-" The droid began, but Kylo turned and cut him off.

"No." was all Kylo said. MOX gave a quick nod and wobbled back inside, Kylo catching Rey's eye as he turned back.

"What is this place?" Rey's weak voice asked, turned to lean her head against the post.

Kylo studied her, not wanting to say anything in fear of revealing too much. Slowly, his eyes trailed from her cut lip, to her soft nose, to the eyes that now watched him.

Feeling insecure, Rey glanced away quickly.

"Fine, don't tell me... Will you at least tell me how you feel? I know you healed me. "

Rey's eyes hesitantly met his, his look already hardening. "I'm... I'm just trying to understand. I don't know what any of this means." Rey shook her head, looking away and back to Kylo with a frustrated stare.

Her headache was returning as her bones throbbed, yet her stubborn mind refused to step down.

Kylo shook his head, exasperated.

"Why does that matter right now?" He asked, taking a step closer to her, towering over Rey.

Sensing it through this force, as if it was being screamed to him, he shook his head as he spoke again. "You still don't trust me. This is the third time I have saved your life may I add." He said, his voice growing louder.

Rey's eyes narrowed at him, her ankle swelling with pain, though she refused to admit her pain. "Where should I start?"

Kylo ran a frustrated hand down his face, being careful to hold his tongue. Hissing, he stalked towards the door to the hut, holding it open for her. "I can feel your pain. I'm rather sick of it... You need rest." He said, looking on.

Rey stood in her place, too stubborn to move. She had so many questions... so many thoughts...

When her leg tensed up, that's when she felt it. The pain. It was excruciating. It absolutely baffled her how she was able to ignore such pain until now, when she actually thought about it. For a second, she wondered if it was related to strength she felt at Vicar's ship... when her eyes glowed... when whips of electricity emitted from her palms...

Rey gulped, refusing to think about it.

It truly scared her, the person she became was an absolute stranger, a monster even.

That power overcame her in ways she didn't know was possible, the same power she was working so hard to destroy...

Inhaling deeply, Rey glanced to the ground as she turned to the door, and limped her way inside. Kylo followed impatiently.

Looking around, Rey was able to see for the first time how furnished the hut was. Books covered every corner, stacks of paper stuck between the pages. A couch sat in the middle of the room, taking up a large space of the wooded floor. It was simple, but... but it was Ben.

Kylo disappeared down a hall, one of the doors creaking open as his heavy boots hit the floor with every step. Rey slowly made her way behind him, finding that he was in what seemed to be a bedroom, more books stacked so high that she barely saw the walls, a dresser imbedded into the wall where Kylo stood, and the only other thing in the room itself was a large bed, bigger than she had ever seen in her life.

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