Chapter 8.

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It had been a crazy night so far, Rey decided. She still wasn't sure how she felt about Ben, or Kylo, or the visions, or any of it. She was tired of thinking – No, exhausted. Her mind was running at such high speeds that she was not able to focus on anything.

Which only made her decision to try the drinks from the bar much, much easier. She was well on her third now, already feeling the results, and quite giddy with it, questioning why she had never tried this before.

And now, much to her disbelief, she was dancing. Dancing with Poe Dameron, the charming bastard. She was in love with this feeling, she felt free for once, being able to let go. On the stage next to the main table, a newly revised Cantina Band played something very up-beat, the music vibrating the ground her feet moved upon. Poe was leading her with one hand, his grin nearly tearing his lips, which made Rey's grin grow as well.

"I've never even danced before , this is amazing! I like this!" she revealed, and he nodded, only partly hearing her over the music. They were lost in the crowd on the dancefloor, everyone feeling very good with their loved ones, their friends, their drink, and the night in general.

How could she ever let anything in the galaxy bother her when she could just dance it away? Rey thought to herself, closing her eyes and letting her guard down as her body moved this way and that way.

Never in her life, could she picture herself here in this exact spot, slightly intoxicated, attending the wedding of her dearest friends, dancing with a man!

She silently wished she could feel this forever, and never have to deal with another thought of Ben Solo. She yelled at her own mind, 'Kylo Ren!' she laughed. 'Kylo Ren, the Supreme Leader, blah blah blah.' She laughed some more, and Poe reveled in it, unsure why she had laughed, but it was rare that she did so he made sure to enjoy it now.

He twirled her around, spinning her a few times, and her smile grew as she locked eyes with Poe. As the tune changed to something slow and very sultry, he pulled her close so that she was pressed against his body. She had never really been pressed against another like this, and she blushed, feeling a bit awkward. The only time she had ever really seen or marveled at a man's body was Ben.

Ben Solo...when he was shirtless, tall, and wide, his body gleaming with sweat...

'Stars...' she thought. 'Is it him, or is this spinning making that buzz-'

Mid thought, her eyes flew open. It was the connection, the force bond. She tried to steady herself but being inebriated made it very hard right now. Rey was still being held up by Poe, who's hip jutted into hers to push her leg out, in tune with the exotic music that played.

Rey's head whipped around, looking for Kylo, trying to sense his presence. 'Why did I drink so much!' she mentally screamed at herself.

She didn't trust herself to stand on her own right now, so she allowed Poe to lead her, and as he turned her, his head bent so that his cheek was touching hers, and right then, she found him.

Near the bar stood Kylo Ren, watching Rey cling to the damn traitor he had interrogated months ago. This was the company she chose. He wanted to break them apart, to claim what was his, to kill the damn bastard that held the scavenger.

He stood there, glaring at Rey, who was looking at him, shocked.

Kylo's eyes took her in just as they did back in her room, lingering on every inch of her body. As Poe whipped her around again, she could feel Ben's eyes on her back, tracing the outline of her dress, making her cheeks warm and her nerves tingle.

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