Chapter 34.

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Her head was absolutely throbbing.

The cold concrete floor was helping, however.

With stubborn eyes, Rey slowly opened them, trying to remember what had happened.

Slowly, she sat up and glanced around the dark room, only to realize she was in a prisoner's cell, though she did not know who's ship she was on. Thankfully, Rey saw that she was alone, letting her know that Kai and Flora must have escaped successfully, and Sano must have not gotten to them.

'Ugh... Sano...' Rey thought as she remembered his face before he knocked her out. Though she had this planned out, the one thing that surprised her was seeing his face in the mix of it all.

Scooting back to place her aching bones against the cool bars of the cell, a guard she hadn't noticed spoke up from the entrance up the stairs.

"Hands where I can see them, scum!" He snarled at her, moving his blaster to her direction. Rey glared at him as she crossed her arms over her knees, resting her chin on them.

At the moment, she felt much too weak to bother playing a mind trick on him, and knew the effort would go to waste if she-

"Step aside." A husky voice called out, followed by the sound of heavy boots.

Rey's head whipped back up so fast that her temple began to triple its pounding, not only recognizing the voice, but the angry tone with it.

Kylo Ren approached the guard, his eyes daring any defiance from the trooper, who quickly scurried off to leave the pair alone. Kylo watched him leave, making sure to feel no presence around within earshot.

For a moment, Rey's breathing hitched as she realized this was no force bond, but Ben Solo here in the flesh. Not taking her eyes off of him for a second, she stood up on shaky legs, admittedly intimidated by the cold glare he was giving her as he quickly made his way to her, his cloak swinging behind his large, long legs.

Without any struggle whatsoever, Kylo easily broke the prison door from its lock, swinging it open as he stepped inside, and though he was furious, Rey couldn't help but notice that his eyes glanced over her entire body, from toe to head, his eyes did not miss a single piece of her exposed flesh that was still peeking out from her costume..

All Rey could do was watch with wide eyes, not needing to channel the force to feel the anger that was rolling off of him.

"Well?" he demanded.

Rey blinked, unsure what to say or where to start. She glanced down and quickly back to him, frozen.

"What in the-" Kylo began as Rey cut him off.

"I had to do something." Rey said, louder than she intended, making Kylo's tone jump higher.

"This?" He roared.

"Yes! You couldn't beat him without starting a war, a bigger war than we already have on our hands-"

"I had some of them on my side, they would have pledged their allegiance to ME-"

"Who? You mean that tall blonde woman and that man named Cosic? They were already plotting your death the moment Vicar was out the way!" Rey yelled, and this statement made Kylo grow quiet as his breathing grew harder, just as the look he was giving her.

Rey quickly felt his mind shove into hers, and she let him this one time, only to let him see the truth.

Once he did, Kylo hissed as his hand balled into a rough fist, turning his body away from Rey so he could steady his anger.

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