Chapter 37.

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The giants surround Rey, the sight of her completely lost behind one of their legs.

Kylo felt her panic pushing through the exhaustion. She extends a palm, trying to muster up enough energy to push them back, however her exhaustion got the better of her. Her feet skid across the floor so much that her knee cracked from the tension, causing her to cry out in pain.

Kylo hid a wince, feeling the pain she felt through their connection, and readjusted himself in his seat.

One of the giants moved to her, yanking her arm up in his huge, slow hand. Another giant stepped forward to them, and stepped on her ankle, instantly breaking it.

Rey screamed, the pressure causing her wound to bleed more.

Everything throbbed, everything hurt.

The giant that held her up by her arm forced her to her knees, holding down one side as the other giant held her down by her other arm.

Struggling to catch her breath, she looked up at Vicar, sweat, blood, and tears rolling down her face and mingling with each other. She glared, her hardest, coldest stare.

Vicar smirked, and nodded towards the giant in the back.

"Do it." he said.

The third giant approached Rey from behind, taking out a small, triangular device. Pushing a button, the device opened, three long, wide shards extending out.

Kylo watched in shock as the giant slapped it against Rey's back, the edges implanting deep within her, the points scraping against her bones.

Rey bucked, screaming out once more.

For a moment, Kylo could only register the pain that shot through them, a breathtaking, intense pain. He could feel how hard it was for her to move, how painful it was just to inhale.

Sweat began to bead across Kylo's forehead as he realized what was happening, just as Vicar stood to speak, grinning.

"And look it here, my fellow knights. Thanks to the wonderful and surprising work of General Armitage Hux, I present to you, the Defiancer!" Vicar gloated. His gaze went back to Rey, who was still glaring as her body shook, struggling to breathe.

"This device captures the energy of a force user, sucks it right out and shows us what we want!" Vicar continued.

As if on cue, Rey's face went red, her blood boiling as her back arched, and her mouth opened wide to gasp for air.

Just then, a white and gold orb floated up from within her, slowly moving forward and pausing midair.

Paz, Makeem, Vicar, and Hux all watched intently.

Kylo, however, grew anxious, his stomach tightening.

He felt that within this orb, was a huge chunk that is Rey herself, that is the light she is.

Anger dug deep into his gut, angry with himself for not being able to stop this, for not being able to see this happening. It took all he had not to kill Hux right then.

"What is that?" Paz asked, her eyes wide on Rey.

"That," Vicar began, pacing as his eyes glued to Rey. "Is the most anxious part of her being. It's what drives her. This device picks up on her highest point of energy, and it analyzes what part spikes the most."


"So... it's her..." Makeem stuttered, confused and intrigued.

Vicar nodded as Kylo's gut twisted, having already known the answer.

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