Chapter 52.

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A few hours later, Rey lay in bed with Kylo, her bare chest to the mattress, wrapped in a white sheet as he trailed a rough fingertip down her spine, so lightly that she woke from the shiver that coursed through her.

"Mmmm." she murmured, deeply inhaling as she turned to face him, a shy smile playing across her warm face.

Kylo peered down at her, having been awake for nearly the entire night after he had made love to her before Naboo, the window open for full view from the city. The thought alone made his ears redden, and his member slightly stirred.

His mind was uneasy though, unable to stop it from constantly running back and forth from thoughts of Hux, to his plan, the odd presence of Snoke that he felt in Rey's mind, and his meeting with Caleo. His day came crashing down when he had returned to Rey, the urgent need for her turned to a craving he wasn't sure he could sate.

It seemed to always be that way with her, a constant need and want, a new experience every time he was near her, their bond singing with every breath. It confused him, the utter rawness of their connection as it grew deeper and deeper the more time they seemed to spend with each other.

He couldn't complain though, as he sat naked in bed with the woman that drove him crazy with want, that seemed to work his nerves and his body just the same.

Kylo's eyes trailed from the arch of her back, to her wild hair spread across the soft, white sheets, and up to her face that was so warm and inviting.

Rey noticed immediately how his eyes grew dark with a familiar hunger as he studied her, sending nothing but warmth and need down to her center.

She glanced down from his hard gaze, taking her time to admire his scar before lowering her eyes to his chest, the outline of his muscles standing out so proudly as the sun began to rise. Rey looked back to his face, her lashes fluttering slowly as she gave him a look so tempting that he nearly took her there.

Bending his head low, he pressed a soft, lazy kiss to her shoulder as her eyes closed in delight as he trailed more kisses across her upper back, sweeping some of her hair to the side.

"I feel as though I could do this forever." she murmured, her eyes opening a moment later as she realized she had said it out loud.

She felt him smirk against the back of her shoulder, wishing she could see his face as her cheeks pinked.

"We very well can. We'll need to get some contraceptives though." he muttered, his lips still busy as he tasted new spots of her that he hadn't before.

"Mmmm... So, there will be more of this?" she asked, her tone light and seducing as the bed moved, Kylo's body now pressing hard against her back, his member awake and standing tall against her bum.

Rey's body instinctively pressured against his, arching against the bed as she fit to him like a puzzle piece, a sharp curse escaping his lips as she moved her body down his when he breathlessly answered, "Yes. Much, much more."

Kylo slipped a knee between hers, spreading them apart just enough to kneel behind her, his hands gripping her waist so tightly that she had no other choice but to do as he guided when he forced her onto her own knees, pushing herself up on her arms.

Moving quickly, so much that Rey lost her breath, Kylo shot his hands out to grip her wrists with one hand, holding them above her head as she arched against him and Rey let out a low grumble of a moan.

The air filled with Kylo's ragged breath behind her as he tried to pace himself with the wild creature he attempted to tame, his desire building along with hers.

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