Chapter 9.

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The following morning, a groggy Rey woke up with a headache she would have gladly traded in for Jakku's burning heat. She felt awful. He head pounded, her stomach turned, and her body felt out of sorts.

She vowed to never drink that punch again.

Clutching her head, she made her way to the shower, stripping off the dress and letting it fall to her feet. As she stretched, she tried to quiet her thoughts for a single moment, groaning when it didn't work.

The events of the night were rushing through her mind.

Ben and his cold mind trick, the beautiful wedding, the talk with Maz, Maz and Chewie's heartbreaking reunion, the drinks and dancing with Poe, another connection with Ben that made her face warm even now, and the conversation with Leia about her kyber crystal.

And of course, how Rey stumbled her way back to her own room, cursing everything in her way.

She went mad last night, flipping through each book of sacred texts, looking for new information to expose itself to her. She sat, willing the pieces of her saber to fix themselves. And as she lay in bed last night, she questioned why the only thing on her mind was how Ben looked at her as she danced.

Slamming her fist against the wall, she bit her lip to keep herself from crying out.

Kylo Ren was driving her mad.

She had so many questions for him, unable to determine where she wanted to begin. However, now was not the time for it. Sighing, she stepped into the shower, the hot water soothing her flesh.

'Now is not the time to think of him.' Rey thought. 'I have people to train.'

An hour later, a freshly showered and dressed Rey made her way to the training grounds near the base. She didn't exactly like to practice here, being more at peace when she was alone. But, she wanted the new members to feel comfortable.

Spotting Leia and Poe speaking with three others at the sidelines, Rey dropped her staff and canteen at her feet and walked towards them.

"Ah, here she is. Rey, I'd like you to meet Kai, Flora, and Sano." Leia introduced them all, gesturing to them as she spoke their name.

They all hesitantly nodded their greeting to Rey, as they all studied each another. Rey politely smiled to each of them.

Kai and Flora seemed to be twin sisters, the only difference was that Kai's right side of her face was badly scarred. They both had long, black hair with bangs that fell into their eyes, and the tall and slender frame matched Rey's.

Rey guessed they had to be a few years younger than she. Glancing towards the taller boy to her right, she decided he was older than her, maybe by three or four years.

Sano was much different, seemingly unrelated to the girls. His dark brown hair was very short, his features extremely boyish, the only age-telling sign was the dark haired mustache and beard that lingered around his mouth. He was a tall man, rather bulky and wide.

'Not nearly as tall or wide as Ben.' Rey thought.

Inhaling her frustration with her own mind, Rey quickly cast the thought aside and cleared her throat. "Hello, great to meet you all." She muttered. Again, all three nodded.

"Rey is very force-sensitive, and skilled in combat with her staff. You'll train with her for the time being, just to touch up on your own skills and strengthen them." Leia advised.

"So, is she a Jedi?" Kai eagerly asked, curiosity and excitement gleaming in her eyes.

Leia looked to Rey, who glanced to the floor. "Not yet, not fully. Her master, my brother, passed not too long ago. She has trained and learned enough to pass her strengths to you though, I am extremely confidant in this." Leia said, moving to give Rey's arm a light squeeze.

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