Chapter 1.

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"It's okay, come on." Rey said, ushering the last few survivors of the Resistance onto the Falcon. Rey was stressed out to say the least. She needed to speak with Finn, and touch base with the General. So much had happened in so little time. She felt the peace and purpose that Luke left behind, her master and teacher, gone.

What was the next step here? Would Ben find them? And kill them? Where are they to go now th-

Her though was interrupted by the familiar buzzing, followed by complete silence. The were linked now. He was near by.

Rey looked towards her right, and gazed down at Ben- No, Kylo Ren, his hand balled into a fist, clutching at something as he knelt to the floor.

He glanced up, almost surprised to see her there, and she noticed the flicker in his eyes go from surprise to anger. Anger...and something else. Hurt? Betrayal?

They simply stared at one another for a moment, both filled with so much to say, yet they remained silent.

He felt the shift in her, she was building up courage to speak. He wanted badly to scoff at that, to laugh at the thought of this girl, the scavenger, being courageous.

But deep down, he knew. He knew too well that she is courageous, and so much more. He would never admit that though. Especially after she denied him, refused his offer, refused his care, refused him.

He watched as she timidly crept towards him, only a foot away now as she towered over him. His finger twitched towards his lightsaber that hung at his hip.

"Ben," she whispered, almost the same way she had back in the throne room after they defeated Snoke and his guards. It felt unreal. "Come with me." she demanded. He noted the tears that threatened to leak. Kylo stared blankly at Rey, barely blinking up at her.

With shaking hands, Rey knelt down and reached to cup his face. He reared his head back, yanking away from her touch before she succeeded. Rey gulped.

"No. You are the one that denied me. You are the one that left." Kylo bit. Rey winced at his tone.

"You asked me to join you, to stand at your side, to choose your path and turn around to assist you kill my friends?" She returned his tone, growing frustrated, feeling disappointment settle deep within her.

"I offered you the galaxy. I offered you all the power, I offered to bow at your rule!" Kylo bellowed, he was shaking now, fighting the urge to pull his lightsaber on her, knowing that in the end it would do nothing.

"That is nothing I want! Those people on this ship? Those are my friends, people I consider my family! Your mother apart of that!" She yelled. and the last part of it sat with Kylo as he glared at her.

She inhaled deeply, calling to the force for patience to help calm her. Again, they were silent. Rey stared at Kylo's boot.

Clearing her throat and trying to blink the tears away, Rey said, "Ben, I can feel this. Whatever this is between us, I can feel it. Admit to me why you wanted me to join you. Tell me what we both know." She begged.

Rey met his gaze, which surprisingly had softened at her words as he realized what she was asking of him. She wanted him to admit his feelings. Hadn't he already though? he thought. Was it not enough?

"Say it." Rey beckoned, repeating the words he had said to her numerous times now. How could a girl cause so much chaos in the entire galaxy?

Kylo swallowed. She had bested him before. He had offered her everything. And she...she refused him! She would do it again. No. He had to make sure it would never happen again.

He was the Supreme Leader now. She made her choice... And now, he must make his.

"You are nothing." he said. Kylo let the words linger between them, and offered nothing else. For a moment, Kylo noticed anger flash in her eyes, so quickly, so fiercely, and it was gone.

He expected her to yell, to turn and leave. He expected anything and everything but not for her to chuckle. To laugh in his face.

"You know, I can feel you lying. I can feel it, through our connection, I can feel how raw the lie is." she smiled as she glanced down, but tears still trickled down her cheek.

She stood now, and walked back to the Falcon. Standing as well, he watched, eager for whatever else she had to say.

She stopped walked once she reached the ramp of the ship, and turned her face to the left just enough for him to hear. "I wish knowing that it's a lie was enough."

Kylo stood, saying nothing. Of course she knew it was a cover. Of course. Her connection with the force and her abilities were only getting better, at a very surprising rate, he noted. Skywalker taught her well in the small amount of time they had.

Rey was now on the ship, her hand hovering over the button to shut the doors. But before she pushed it, Rey watched Kylo. And he watched Rey.

She had hope in her eyes, and for a moment, she swore he had the same look.

No. No matter what, this wouldn't be the end. She knew what he felt for her. It was strong, it was protectiveness, it was a sense of compassion, it was something similar to love... It had to be.

This was not Kylo to her. This was Ben. This was the lonesome man that would be her partner, her mate. She had seen it. So why wasn't this playing out like her vision?

She decided, watching him, that she would not give up.

And frighteningly, she knew he would not give up getting her to join the dark side either.

With that, she closed the doors to the Falcon, and turned to offer support to her friends, of course, after taking a moment to shed a few tears, feeling the emptiness return as she left Ben on Crait.

Rey closed the door the damn ship he hated seeing. She was leaving him, again. And the scavenger truly believed that he would be joining her in the light once day.

He reset his jaw, trying to ease the tension. She was ruining absolutely everything for him.

He is the Supreme Leader now. He is the ruler of the galaxy, and everything in it.

But when Rey closed the door and their connection dropped, he felt a wave of loneliness.

Scoffing, he brushed the feeling away. He was trained well enough to know that these feelings were a mere weakness.

"Supreme Leader?" a stormtrooper hesitantly called from the entrance of the room. Kylo whipped around, and stood tall, giving permission to continue. "What's left of the Resistance took off on a ship. Shall we pass along orders to follow them?"

For a moment, Kylo thought. Would it be worth it to follow the scavenger and her group of thieves and traitors? What would he do once he had her?

"No. Not yet. We need to regroup, prepare my ship and link Hux to my com. I need to speak with him."

The trooper nodded and briskly left the room, leaving Kylo alone once again. He glanced down at his balled up fist, opening it to look at his fathers dice, the ones he admired when he was just a boy sitting in the pilot seat of the Falcon.

The corner of Kylo's lip twitched with the memory, and quickly, very quickly, stopped as the dice faded away into nothing.

He blinked, and for a moment willed it to come back, yet nothing happened.

Kylo slammed his fist in the nearest wall, and huffed as he stormed his way back to his ship. Why was he so mad? Ah... because he had also felt himself will Rey to come back just a moment ago, and again, nothing happened.

Back among the stars, both lost souls stared at the nearest moon, so close,so distant. They hought of one another, thought of when the next time they will see each other, knowing deep down that it very well may end in the death of each other, or both.

Secretly, they truly hoped it wouldn't.

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