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Steady On. by MadAsAlice94
Steady MadAsAlice94
Set right after the battle on Crait. Rey and Ben Solo / Kylo Ren, the conflicted souls, are eager for the other to join their own side, a tale of light vs. dark. Will th...
Will You Love Me? (A Medieval Reylo AU)  by LadyArwenEvenStar
Will You Love Me? (A Medieval LadyArwenEvenStar
Rey was just an orphan girl of the streets when she came to work at the castle as a servant. Her simple life would change forever when the renegade prince, Ben was broug...
Written In Starlight (A Reylo Modern AU)  by LadyArwenEvenStar
Written In Starlight (A Reylo LadyArwenEvenStar
Rey never knew her parents. She grew up in the Nima orphanage with her best friends, Finn and Rose. Rey had always loved to read, books were her escape. In books girls...
Ben Solo returns. Kylo Ren is dead. In the movie, redemption is short-lived, but you will find in this rendition, that it is quite drawn out. Rey will not allow the deat...
Star Wars IX- Balance Of The Force by BethanBallard
Star Wars IX- Balance Of The Forceby Bethan Ballard
Following the events after The Last Jedi. "Just a dream, it was just a dream," she says aloud attempting to calm herself, but the feeling doesn't dissipate, an...
Just a Fling by becsgrey
Just a Flingby Bec
Rey moves to her Uncle's house in the coastal town of Naboo California and finds herself unexplainably drawn to the moody neighbor boy Kylo who is vacationing there for...
Together Always-a TROS Alternate Ending by bdorman07
Together Always-a TROS Alternate anotherdreamer07
What would have happened if two had come out of the Sith temple? What would have happened if two left the planet Exegol? What would have happened if two returned to the...
Stay here by hsbsub
Stay hereby hsbsub
Please read. I'm very sad and just spent the last five minutes trying to fix the apostrophe on that 'I'm'. This is a damerey fanfic that takes place during the first enc...
I Only Want Her (Reylo Modern AU) by sylvanahalim24
I Only Want Her (Reylo Modern AU)by Sylvana Halim
Ben Solo is a 27 year old son of Leia Organa and Han Solo, All the girls want him but he rejected them until he met 21 year old Rey Kira Kenobi daughter of his parents'...
Sith High by thelonleycrouton
Sith Highby Kaylie A. Yelick
Modern Highschool AU Following Poe, Finn, and Rey Kenobi with Ben Solo and their friends along with alot of Prequal and Original characters still alive and kicking (Way...
Send Your Rain by taralkariel
Send Your Rainby taralkariel
The Resistance is rebuilding after the escape from Crait. Rey has shouldered the mantle of being the Last Jedi when she feels a pull from the Force to search for a Jedi...
Never Be The Same (Reylo Modern AU) by sylvanahalim24
Never Be The Same (Reylo Modern AU)by Sylvana Halim
Rey Kenobi is a 17 year old orphan, her parents Obi Wan Kenobi and Satine Kenobi died of a car accident, she is having a hard time until she meet 18 year old rich son of...
Gym by thelonleycrouton
Gymby Kaylie A. Yelick
Modern AU where Rey is a secretary at a weightlifting gym. There will be Reylo and Rey and Luke friendship! Also FinnRose and Poe Dameron!
The Throne by reylogarbagecan
The Throneby Emmeline
"Everywhere Rey looked it was dark. It was as if no light had ever touched the rock of this particular piece of the castle. The foreign cobblestone floors were slic...
The New Jedi by HopeSolo20
The New Jediby Selena Hope
Alexia is a new Jedi but Hope can't because she's too young. Han has his own conflictions when he meets a girl. The problem is she was raised with the old Jedi code. Ca...
That's A Nice Story (Reylo Thriller AU)  by LadyArwenEvenStar
That's A Nice Story (Reylo LadyArwenEvenStar
Rey was a private investigator, she and her three best friends started a P.I. company. She was in between cases and growing bored, thankfully she had Finn's birthday to...
A Stage for Rebels by tan5ia
A Stage for Rebelsby tan5ia
"Kylo" a weary whisper left her chapped lips. The dark knight broke his unwavering gaze, briefly shutting his eyes. Kylo... not Ben. Why was that painful? Perh...
Star Wars: Episode IX by xXtom_holland_hotXx
Star Wars: Episode IXby Tom Holland Is Hot
This is is how I would write the next Star Wars movie if I wrote it.