Chapter 3.

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It had been such a long time.

Rey shook her head. No, it was weeks. Months? Yes, that's what Finn taught her. Months. Seven to be exact.

Seven months since she had seen him, seen her friend, her mate. Her supposed partner.

She sighed, yelling at herself internally. She couldn't think like that! What she saw back on Ach-to when she and...him touched hands, it was a vision. A dream. It couldn't have been real she decided.

This man was not the partner she had envisioned. He was truly her enemy. He was hunting her, her and her friends. This was a game to him and it wouldn't end until he was satisfied with her death. She could feel that.

Rey wiped the sweat of her forehead and bent to pick up her staff that lay on the ground. It was a hot, sticky day outside, and she was in the forest training by herself, her staff giving a helpless tree the beating of it's life.

She was indeed correct, it had been seven long months since her and Kylo Ren had their last connection when he had a nightmare, and she possibly shed light to him. She sensed him actively putting up a wall between them, and she decided to do the same after a month of trying to speak with him since that night.

He was the Supreme Leader now, the galaxy's own devil, the bringer of death, the cause of destruction, the prince of darkness. She had to continue telling herself this, to remind her that the dreams and visions were nothing but her own imagination.

She was truly tired of thinking of this, of thinking what could be if only he would allow it. After weeks of pondering about his rejection, and hers, she came to the conclusion that she was meant to be alone, and she meant to not have answers to these questions that beat her down.

She couldn't let any distractions get in the way of her helping the Resistance grow again.

At that, she smiled. When they had left Crait, the entire group fit on the Millennium Falcon, sitting at only 30 people. And now, they had grown to nearly five hundred.

Rey had never been around so many hopeful and positive people, all wanting to achieve something great and help one another do so.

'Leia has built something wonderful.' she thought, smiling again. The general had grown to become a dear friend, a confidant. Though she was often busy, Leia always took the time out to check in with Rey. After Han and Luke's passing, Rey needed it, and she sensed that the princess did as well.

Rey felt the familiar sadness touch her heart. She ached to speak to them both again, even if for only a few words. She had grown so fond of them, Han's free spirit and Luke's stubborn attitude.

Deep down, she knew she had to keep fighting and training to make them proud, and to win this battle, not only for her friends and the resistance, but for the galaxy.

Gathering her things, Rey made her way back to the base, keeping to herself as she passed a few others talking about the event that night. 'Ah, yes,' Rey thought, 'the wedding!'.

She smiled to herself, and the reminder put a kick in her step. That night, the entire resistance base will be celebrating the wedding of Finn and Rose, her dearest friends. She had to admit, she was quite excited with this being her first big event. She had never attended such a thing, and the excitement was new to her. She admitted, shyly, that part of the excitement was the distraction of it all.

Looking up from the ground, she entered the base, the giant hall they used for meetings had been cleared out for the reception tonight. Rey had never seen it look so empty and decorated. Flowers and lanterns filled every space, every member here assigning themselves a task to help transform the room for the ceremony.

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