Chapter 44.

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They tentatively sat across from one another at the table as MOX hobbled around, carrying their large plates and placing them in front of both Kylo and Rey.

As he placed Rey's down, Kylo watched her eyes grow wide at the amount of food while he unfolded a black cloth and laid it over his lap.

Rey waited until MOX walked away before she tore into the meat with her hands, tearing off the meat from the bone and quickly popping it into her mouth.

Kylo's hand hovered over his own utensils, amused at how quickly she was eating.

This was the first time they had shared dinner together, usually he was in the washer as she ate before they switched places after training.

Each of her fingertips were covered in grease and spices, and as she finally looked up from her near empty plate, she popped the last bit of meat into her mouth and looked up to meet Kylo's gaze.

He was watching her...

More than likely the entire time she had been eating.

Rey's eyes drifted down to his hand that hovered over the utensils, and she glanced down to the side of her own plate, realizing the same tools were there for her as well.

Narrowing her eyes at him, she sucked her fingers clean before drying them with the folded cloth next to her plate as she leaned back in her chair, kicking her feet up onto the table.

He smirked at her. "Lovely manners. Does MOX not prepare you any breakfast?"

Her eyes narrowed even more. "He does."

"So, what's the hurry?" he asked, taking a slow, deliberate bite of his food as Rey watched.

"I just... I don't know. On Jakku, I never knew when I'd get my next meal. Call it an old habit."

The answer interested him as he involuntarily leaned forward in his chair. "And what would you do?"

Rey shrugged. "Scavenge. Try to find the best junk I could, hunt if I could bare the heat. After a couple of days, I'd get desperate... Steal, if I absolutely had to..." Rey made sure to leave out how she'd even turn to bugs if need be.

"Hmm..." Was all he said.

They watched one another some more as he finished his own meal.

She caught glimpse of his cheek, still pink from when she had slapped him. Her own cheeks grew hot as she replayed it over and over in her head, embarrassed and disappointed that it had happened.

"Don't." He said, studying her face, his eyes intense and hard on hers. "It's a solid reaction you had, I deserved it. Heed my warning, though."

Kylo nearly smiled at her, and the look made Rey's heart stop.

'Heed my warning.'

Rey wanted to laugh... Even when he threatened it the first time, she could feel what a lie it was, their bond singing with his fib. As Rey glanced down, she let the smile come to life on her lips.

The way she smiled...

The dimples that creased on her cheeks...

It made his heart stop, knowing that he was the only one here to steal it, to watch as it bloomed to life.

She was the sole cause for the way his world was crashing and burning.

It was nearly delicious in the way she did it.

The way she approached his challenges, his attitudes, always matching exactly what he gave... It was thrilling. As her eyes drifted to his once more, her lashes fluttering upwards, he noticed her eyes still had a hint of sorrow.

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