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Desolation ↠ Kylo Ren by JaysAnatomy
Desolation ↠ Kylo Renby t.
"I won't leave you." Sonoma spat the blood from out her mouth. "So go ahead and do it." "Kill me." ©|Kylo Ren 2019"
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Star Wars Characters React To Ships by yoitsme108
Star Wars Characters React To Shipsby Lonely_jedi_108
Star Wars characters will react to the ship and then rate it out of 10🚢 🤓(Requests open!)🤓 #1 in sw on December 3 2018 #3 in Armitagehux December 3 2018 #3 in cringe...
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gray matter. | POE DAMERON by lookingfordroids
gray matter. | POE DAMERONby 𝐊𝐞𝐥.
𝐆𝐫𝐚𝐲 𝐌𝐚𝐭𝐭𝐞𝐫 | ❝ Do androids dream of electric sheep? ❞ In which the First Order's newest weapon is tasked with killing the Resistance's best pilot. And not eve...
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Steady On. by MadAsAlice94
Steady MadAsAlice94
Set right after the battle on Crait. Rey and Ben Solo / Kylo Ren, the conflicted souls, are eager for the other to join their own side, a tale of light vs. dark. Will th...
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TOY SOLDIER [IX] ▸ Poe Dameron by sunnatly
TOY SOLDIER [IX] ▸ Poe Dameronby ✧・゚*natalie *・゚✧
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Star Wars: Episode IX - The New Order by the_reylo_trash
Star Wars: Episode IX - The New the_reylo_trash
A year after Luke died, Rey is still grieving over Ben Solo. Nobody thinks he will come back, especially since he killed his own mentor, Snoke, and became Supreme leader...
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The Broken Ones [A Reylo Story] by thenewskywalker
The Broken Ones [A Reylo Story]by Kara Romano
A girl searching for her place in the galaxy. A boy fighting to take control of his destiny. And the bond that runs deeper than either of them could've imagined. It's b...
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The Solo Girl - A Star Wars Story  by greeneyeddaydreamer
The Solo Girl - A Star Wars Story by Sass Queen
Jade Solo, daughter to Han and Leia, sister to Ben, has been with the First Order since joining with Ben after the betrayal of their uncle Luke, she is also second in co...
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the darkest night ♛ kylo ren (2) by kyl0ren
the darkest night ♛ kylo ren (2)by kait
"Only in the darkness can you see stars." - It has been six years since Ben Solo succumbed to his fate and betrayed the Jedi Order after being seduced by the...
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Hope Remains - A Reylo Story  by rowenyaa
Hope Remains - A Reylo Story by Rowena Pye
COMPLETED!! First Attempt at a REYLO Fanfic... CONTAINS SPOILERS FROM THE LAST JEDI!!! It's been five years since the near decimation of the Resistance and Kylo Ren's a...
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Star Wars Episode IX The Knights of Ren by Coustineau
Star Wars Episode IX The Knights Coustineau
Sequel to The Last Jedi. Word reaches the Resistance that the First Order is training its own Jedi. Leia Organa asks Rey to put an end to the sinister project, but the y...
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The Little Mistake  by ReyloLife
The Little Mistake by ReyloLife
Rey was getting married. Bachelorette Party Time. After getting so drunk she ended up sleeping with a random guy, who was married as well, Kylo Ren. Both agreeing to nev...
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Kylo Ren ✧ Reader One Shots by kylotears
Kylo Ren ✧ Reader One Shotsby inactive
⠀⠀a compilation of kylo ren x reader insert imagines ⠀⠀⠀⠀requests open sw characters © lucasfilms cover © kylowave ; me
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a strange connection - reylo by aestheticmindset
a strange connection - reyloby but not to me
Ben turned his head to look at her. Rey's hair was fanned out against the duvet, her cheeks had a pink tint to them and she wore a soft smile that was full of light and...
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United (Reylo Fanfiction)  by StarWarsIzzie
United (Reylo Fanfiction) by Isabella Pitts
This Reylo fan fiction starts in the elevator scene in The Last Jedi (TLJ) and there is no Rose character (I just didn't see any development with her character) and that...
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Star Wars: The Rebirth Of The First Order  by LadyArwenEvenStar
Star Wars: The Rebirth Of The LadyArwenEvenStar
A sequel to The Last Jedi
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star wars preferences & imagines by valkyrxe
star wars preferences & imaginesby valkyrxe
imagines and preferences for your favorite Star Wars Characters. i will be writing for: - anakin skywalker - obi-wan kenobi - han solo - luke skywalker - kylo ren - po...
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Star Wars Fanfiction: Betrayed (Second Book) by HpNerd25
Star Wars Fanfiction: Betrayed ( StarNerd
Anna Skywalker, along with Rey, finally get the map to Luke. She has everything she wants until Luke starts training Rey, when Rey sees if the dark side has the answers...
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Baby, this is your kingdom [Reylo] by iamsithprincess
Baby, this is your kingdom [Reylo]by Darth Reney // Nataleia Reney...
"Please," he begged. As the Supremacy fired another round of shots at the transports heading towards Crait, Rey made her choice. "Alright." Her tone...
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A Reylo story - A New Order - after Episode VIII by Satine1974
A Reylo story - A New Order - Satine
Has Kylo Ren forgiven Rey after she abandoned him on the planet Crait? New allegiances will be formed. With the First Order close to crushing the rebellion, the Resis...
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