Chapter 15.

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"I can't believe he didn't show up." Kai breathlessly said, concentrating on completing her handstand.

It was the following day after Rey and Kylo's last bond connection, Rey felt relieved, free almost from the constant battle within. She thought back to what she learned about meditation, happy with the results from the mornings session.

It was late afternoon now, the sun setting as Rey, Kai, and Flora finished their training for the day, Sano nowhere to be seen.

Rey sighed as she packed her bag. She was not expecting the man to show, but part of her was hopeful. "Maybe tomorrow." She said. Kai and Flora exchanged a look.

"Sure. Maybe tom-" Kai began, but toppled to her side mid handstand, rolling her wrist. Kai cursed, and Rey noticed Flora wince, rolling and popping her own hand.

"Are you alright?" Rey asked, going to the girl to examine the injury.

"I'm fine, I was just unbalanced." Kai said, disappointed with herself.

Flora offered a small smile. "At least you weren't that poor grub on Cinon'Ra." She said to her sister, and the roared with laughter.

Rey stared at them, waiting to be filled in.

Calming down, Kai explained. "We were on Cinon'Ra doing a job for Mello, and we saw this half fish, half human trying to steal a meal from a vendor on the streets. The vendor turned, in just a blink of an eye, grabbed the grub's wrist and chopped his hand off!" Again, the pair laughed, and Rey winced, shocked.

Noticing her reaction, Flora took the lead, her soft tone calming the atmosphere. "No worries, his hand grew back in seconds. The vendor did it again before they got into a fist fight." This time, they softly chuckled, and Flora added "Cinon'Ra is full of the worst kind of people."

Rey smiled, unable to bring herself to laugh. She was still in shock, now at the idea of someone being able to regrow their limb in seconds. She shook herself of the uneasy feeling. "I don't think I've ever heard of Cinon'Ra."

Kai turned to her, her brows raised. "Wow! Good for you. Cinon'Ra is in the depths of the galaxy, beneath an island in the darkest sector. All the criminals and absolute scum live there." She said as the three began to walk back to the base. "It's also where the Knights of Ren reside."

At this, Rey stopped in her tracks, having discovered who the Knights where just last night.

"That's where they stay? In Cinon'Ra? You're sure of this?" she asks eagerly.

The twins share another glance. "Yes. It's common knowledge. They broadcast it so that they are challenged and when they are, they show their power off. No one dares to challenge them." Kai said, rolling her eyes.

"I've never heard of them. Well, until recently. They reported to Snoke?" Rey asked hesitantly. She did not want to get anywhere near the details of how she learned of the group.

"Yes, legend has it that they're trained by the light and dark side of the force. It's what makes them so powerful as a unit." Flora filled in, eyeing Rey carefully.

Rey mulled this information over a bit as they began walking again.

Her fear for Kylo losing the throne was growing, and she felt that she must do something, anything, to ensure that he does not lost his position.

She wondered though, that if helping him keep his spot, would be viewed as her joining the dark, or mingling with it at least. She did not see it as such. Rey told herself that by doing so, she would be helping the Resistance keep safe, for now at least.

She sighed.

She was making progress with Kylo, he was teaching her now. He was willing to show her what was in the texts, and willing to answer the questions she asked. 'This has to be a good sign.' She thought.

Rey was quickly brought back to reality when Kai stretched her wrist and was met with a sharp pain, making Kai and Flora groan.

Rey reared in front of the pair and stopped them, tuning into the force as she opened a connection to their minds, barely probing to ensure they were being honest with her when she asked.

"What is going on here? This has happened before today, where one of you gets hurt and the other feels it. I know being twins creates a bond betwe-" Rey stopped for a moment.

Remembering what the texts said, what Kylo translated, and what Luke taught silenced everything around her, focusing on herself. She felt the thump of her heart, her blood as is rushed through her veins, the hairs on her scalp as it tangled with itself.

She was here, this was her... and around her, and decay, as Luke showed her...and within that...the force.

It flew to her, centering from Flora and Kai, intertwining with hers. It was not as strong as Rey's, but either way, it was still there.

"You are bonded! You're both force-sensitive!" Rey exclaimed, grinning. She was happy that the twins held the powers of the force, and even happier that it was so easy for her to sense it from them.

Kai and Flora glanced to one another, wide eyed. Rey felt them both feel a rush of nervousness.

"It's okay, really." And unsure of how else to make them calmer right now, sacred of transferring any light to them, she revealed her truth. "I'm also bonded to another. I've never met anyone else who has been bonded through the force other than...Um, my friend." Rey said, feeling awkward with the word.

Flora's eyes widened, and Kai stared at the ground. "We've never...told anyone... Sano... He figured it out. He tried to use it against us and told Mello. Mello never believed him though. It just made Sano angrier." Flora explained. "As for the force, the only thing we know really is that we share a bond. Nothing else."

Rey felt another wave of uneasiness hit her at the mention of Sano, and she was unable to detect if it came from the girls or herself.

It was true, however. Rey knew deep down that she would never be able to reveal the truth of her bond when it came to Ben. She would never be able to mention he was her bonded, her mate in all of this. It would play out just like it did with Kai and Flora, someone dark out there would punish her for the bond, use it against her.

She promised herself to never let that happen.

The three walked the rest of the way back to the base in silence, the tension slowly easing away as a few porgs joined them.

Thinking back to the knowledge she discovered today, Rey thought a plan to bring it all together.

There was a reason these twins came to her when they did, and that they just so happened to be force-sensitive, and a reason that the Knights lived in a place they had experience with.

With this thought, Rey decided that from here on out, whatever Ben taught her, she would teach them, and only in private, away from the nosiness of resistance members and Sano himself.

'First though,' Rey thought, 'I must get that crystal from him, and I must fix my lightsaber.'


Author's Notes:

Yay! 2 chapters. This one was more of a filler, but it was necessary. :D Thanks for the read!

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