Chapter 61.

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For the second time that day, his brain short circuited, tripping and stuttering over his own thoughts as he leaned back against the stoned rail, while she stepped away and knelt before him.

The act itself was not new to Kylo's mind, having seen a couple holovideos of pornography in his younger years. He couldn't admit, that even then, the idea was not enticing.

But here, with Rey, seeing her so eager and curious when it came to giving him pleasure...

His heartbeat quickened.

The next moment, it froze, feeling her slim fingers at his waistband.

Kylo's mouth went dry, forming into a thin line as he gulped hard, his hands looking for something to hold onto, deciding best to grip the railing behind him. His eyes flew around their surroundings, daring something or someone to interrupt this moment.

With his cheeks burning, his jaw just as tight as his grip on the rail, Kylo slowly looked down to the woman on her knees before him, her eyes focused as she began to tug his pants lower and lower, watching with dark, lustful eyes as she sprung him free, a small, shy smile appearing on her lips.

Again, his heart picked up the pace as his body grew hot, his abdomen clenching with anticipation.

At his nervous and hungry state, Rey smiled as she let the remainder of the alcohol take over her own nerves throughout her system, thankful that it worked out so well and so fast at calming her down and giving her such a playful thrill.

On a night like this, she was surely grateful for it.

Carefully, Rey moved to grip his shaft in her hand, giving him one long, slow stroke to the base, marveling in the shudder that escaped from him, along with shaky breath. His abdomen lightly heaved, trying to conceal the reactions that Rey was drawing from him.

She'd hardly gotten a chance to learn this part of his body, a few quick, shy touches here and there were the most she'd achieved, and now that this part of him stood firm and proud in her hand, she couldn't help but take a moment to admire him.

Her slim fingers looked even smaller as she held him, her tanned skin was no comparison to the color of his flesh here, appearing red at the tip, eager and pleading as it throbbed. Subconsciously, Rey's tongue darted between her dry lips as her eyes lit up, watching the head of his member throb with the same anticipation that fluttered through her abdomen.

Still awestruck, Kylo watched as Rey carefully stroked him once more, pressing her thumb on the underside of his member as she glided along to the tip, studying him with wide playful eyes as a drop of pre-cum appeared.

Again, a small smile dimpled her cheeks, and just as Kylo inhaled sharply, gathering whatever air he could to tell her she did not need to do this, he froze as Rey moved forward, pressing a long, soft kiss to his member, glossing her lips with the clear fluid.

Kylo worked to suppress a groan, his teeth clenching while his breathing grew heavier, watching her as she watched him. Her tongue skimmed across her lower lip, tasting the man she left quivering before her, her own teeth grazing her lip as she savored him.

Her pleasure at the salty taste of him flew through their bond, and for a moment, Kylo was nearly dragged out from the scene before him as he focused on the fact that he could feel her so vibrantly now, as if the devices went mute, allowing the force around them to breathe.

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