Chapter 28.

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Rey's eyes widened, looking directly into Kylo's intense stare, studying her face. He seemed surprised that her lightsaber was repaired and born to her, and eve more shocked that it was now so close to his face.

Without hesitation, he reached for his own, igniting his blood red lightsaber as he stepped back and clashed it against Rey's. For a moment, Rey's hold on her weapon faltered, surprised that he had drawn his sword against hers, but in the next second she was ready, understanding that this was not a threat, but a moment to test out her strength.

Rey stepped forward, pushing the lightsaber with such force that Kylo feared the grip on his would break the lightsaber all together. Shoving her off, he patiently watched as Rey stumbled back, noticing that her movement was more quick and on point, balancing herself on the balls of her feet.

Rey whipped the lightsaber around her body, making an 'X' in the air as if to scare him off, widening the space between them. There gaze lay upon one another, wordless as they circled the other, predator amongst prey, battling for ownership of the space they walked upon.

Swiftly, Kylo turned the lightsaber over in his hand, letting it roll over his knuckles and back into his palm.

Rey answered with a low growl, and before she charged at him with her lightsaber raised, she could have sworn she saw a smirk lay upon his lips, frustrating her even more. Kylo stepped to the side, dodging her oncoming attack, blocking each hit she threw at him, unable to hide the shock that crossed his face as he felt her frustration building through each attack she dealt, whipping her lightsaber from every direction, and though it never hit him directly, she always hit her mark.

Standing only inches away now, lightsabers locked, Kylo kicked Rey's foot out from beneath her, tripping her backwards as her own lightsaber went flying through the air, falling a few feet away from them. Kylo closed in, each boot creating a loud 'thud' with every step he took towards Rey, who scowled up at him as she backed away on her feet and elbows.

Kylo's weapon hung low, the red light radiating off of his leg. His narrowed eyes watched her, almost hungry for the defeat she was nearing, and the look alone gave Rey just enough motivation to channel the movement that Flora and Kai taught her.

Rey shoved her hands back, pushing herself off the ground with her feet and easily backflipped off the dirt, using the force to call her lightsaber back to her hand. Kylo dived to strike her, and Rey twirled, leaning back just half an inch as his lightsaber darted towards her stomach, missing by just a strand of hair.

Rey ignited her sword, coming under his and pushing him back, and now it was Kylo who stumbled away. Rey watched as he hissed through his sharp teeth, glaring at her.

"Learned a few tricks, scavenger?" he taunted, and Rey detected a hint of amusement in his voice, making her smile.

"A few, yes." They began to circle one another once more, their lightsabers buzzing. "Where have you been? I thought you were done playing this game." Rey asked, returning his glare. "How are we able to fight with lightsabers through our bond anyway?"

Kylo bit the inside of his cheek, and deactivated his lightsaber, clasping it back at his hip before returning a soft but annoyed look to her. Rey sighed, and put away her lightsaber, a breath of relief escaping from her lungs.

"There were... complications." Kylo muttered and held back rolling his eyes. "And I can only guess that lightsabers are just as strong as the bond itself. It's made up of so many elements..." he shrugged.

Rey stood with a hand on her hip, eyeing him. "Hmmm.... Well, complications? What was so complicated that you left for nearly a month? If you have forgotten, let me remind you of the lessons you promised to teach me-"

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