Chapter 13.

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A while later, Rey told the girls to head back to the base and wash up, pleased with the fact that neither one of the twins complained of their journey up and down the mountains path.

Alone now, Rey was able to think.

She wondered why Poe, or Leia for that matter, didn't tell her that he was the one to arrest Mello. She didn't know why the information mattered, but it was a surprising detail to be told by the new members to their Rebellion instead of her friends.

Sighing, she vowed to not let the day be lost to more questions.

Looking up from the path she slowly walked, Rey was surprised to find herself in view of the Falcon.

A smile tugging at her lips, she made her way to it, being welcomed by Chewie and R2 who were making small cosmetic repairs.

Chewie roared his greeting, and R2D2 beeped his own, also alerting her that Poe was inside refilling their medical supplies and stocking emergency portions.

Rey smiled to them both, and went inside, Chewie messing her hair as she passed. The motion filled her with warmth, widening her smile.

Inside the ship now, Rey looked around, noting every mark on each wall as the floor lights lit up when she approached them. It was true, she loved the base, and loved being surrounded by the people there. However, it never gave her this feeling, the feeling of home.

She sighed, sadness creeping up on her as she thought of the previous owner of the beloved Millennium Falcon, Han Solo.

He was life itself, finding a thrill and an adventure in everything he touched, in every place he went.

Rey admired it. His free and stubborn spirit, the life he led, the love he carried with him. It was all so pure.

Leaning against the nearest wall, she tried to will the tears away, but it only made her sob harder. The conversation with Flora and Kai made her want to run home to Jakku, to crawl into her beaten AT-AT and await her parents return.

This would never happen now, though. Her parents sold her and abandoned her, not giving a care in the world about their child, who spent every minute of every day sitting in the scorching heat, waiting for their return with no hatred or resentment towards them.

Rey cursed herself as another tear rolled down her cheek.

Her parents were gone, the pair deceased. And sadly, so was Han Solo, having lost his life at the hands of his son. Rey recalled how he cupped Kylo's cheek before falling off-

She quickly shook her head, not wanting to remember the rest. But in that moment, she knew even then that Han's love never stopped for Ben, neither did his hope. She remembered feeling the sorrow and regret fill the atmosphere, but it was radiating off both father and son, and now, it consumed Kylo.

It consumed Ben.

Wiping her tears away, she thought of what Han would say right now. Something along the lines of 'You'll do just fine, kid.' sprang to her, and with that, she sadly smiled.

"Hey there! I didn't realize I had company besides the old hairball and machine." Poe said from behind her, referring to Chewie and R2.

Rey cleared her throat, inhaling to help her steady and compose herself. She turned, and offered him a polite smile. He noticed how hard it was for her to do just that, and didn't want to push her.

"I'm fine, really." She said, noticing his concern. He nodded, glancing down to the dirty rag in his hands. "R2 said you were restocking?"

"Yep, all set now. How'd the training go? Didn't expect for anyone to be up this early."

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