Chapter 21.

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Creeping into the dark and silent room, Rey held her breath as her feet lightly moved across the floor, noticing the empty beds she had passed earlier. She was not expecting Sano to be the only person to stay in the room, though she was not surprised given his attitude since he arrived.

Swallowing hard as the door shut, she used the little light that was offered to her from the hall, reaching her beneath the door. Sneaking to the edge of the bunk Sano claimed, she let the force take over her, not wanting to tune into it in fear that it would distract her before.

Rey allowed the flow to quiet her nerves, and as the force overcame her, she realized the presence in the room was Sano, but he was awake, as if expecting her.

With that, her eyes widened as the light flickered on above her, the dim bulb clinging on to dear life.

Sano filled her view, sitting up in his bed, glaring at her with cold, empty eyes. His fingers drummed against his leg, and Rey's blood ran cold as her eyes trailed down to his other hand that was holding a black and red blaster, pointed directly at her.

Ideas rushed through her head, ten at a time, on how to get out of the situation, thinking of how to conjure up the force to block his shot if her dared to fire, but in the moment, she could not deny that her fear took over, and everything else was blocked out.

"Sano, please." she begged.

"Don't you start. I don't know why you are here, but I could only guess it was you that came looking for something. I know you took the map. But, why would you return?" He asked, almost to himself. He steadily kept the blaster pointed at her as he stood from the bed, stepping closer to her.

"Tell me. Why are you trying to get to Cinnon'Ra?" Sano's hooded and angry gaze scared her just as much as his frigid and emotionless tone.

All Rey could do was stare up at him, her breathing growing heavy, as she felt the cold, hard metal of his blaster touch her through the cloth on her stomach.

She debated mind tricking him, maybe even out-maneuvering him and fighting him off, but she was in the end, weaponless, and he was the one with the big blaster placed directly on her. She couldn't take the chance of moving, or even trying any trick on him, not sure that it would work after trying it on Kylo Ren.

Sano moved the blaster from her abdomen, and pointed it directly at her forehead as he backed her up against the wall. "Tell me!"

Whimpering, Rey shook her head, not having any answer she could possibly give him, and from the corner of her view, she saw the glint of the kyber crystal shine from the hand that held the gun.

The hum was more vibrant than ever, the hunger and pull hitting her harder. Simply being so close to it was satisfying, but her hand twitched for it, her desire aching. Rey wanted to break from it, to shake her head in hopes that the trance would end, but she couldn't.

With a furrowed brow, Sano watched her eyes grow dark as she watched the ring on his finger. Adjusting the gun slightly so he could turn and look at his own hand, Rey noticed his slight distraction and acted on the chance now that the gun was not pointed towards her.

Ducking beneath his arm, she pushed with all her weight to take him to the ground, knocking him over a small chest that lay in front of an empty bed. Sano yelled his frustration, his hand losing the grip he had on the blaster as it slid from his hand and clattered to the floor.

His fist swung to hit her side as she crashed onto him, Sano's hit missing as they both fell to the ground.

Sano quickly bucked beneath her, flipping Rey onto her back as his elbow came down to connect with her cheek, however Rey sensed this and moved her head to the side before she was hit, a swift reminder of the force that beckoned her to use it's will, just as the ring came back into view as he aimed to strike again.

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