Chapter 25.

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Four days after speaking with Leia, Rey was aboard the Millenium Flacon, joined by Chewie, BB-8, Flora, Kai, Finn and Rose as they traveled to their new home, Pyron.

Rey guessed it was only another hour away before they landed, and as a headache reached her temples, her patience was thinning. Sighing, Rey excused herself from the cockpit, walking down the long halls of the famous ship until she reached a maintenance closet she had cleaned up to give herself some breathing room.

Shutting the door behind her, Rey glanced around the small room, satisfied that it was empty. Her back to the door, she slid down it until she sat, bringing her knees to her chest.

Her injuries were still giving her trouble, the bruising in her ribs were making it harder to breath, especially after pushing herself so hard to assist with moving the base and everyone's belongings.

Leia had mentioned not letting anyone know of what happened with Kylo, only letting the details of Sano's tirade and escape out. Rey was grateful, but guilt still pegged at her nerves, weighing her mind down to the point that Chewie had to pilot the Falcon every other hour so Rey could clear her head.

On top of it all, she hadn't seen Kylo since he left her with the kyber crystal.

Biting the inside of her cheek, Rey fought against the urge to roll her eyes.

After her conversation with Leia, Rey was coming to terms that she was caring from this man, deeper than she ever cared for anyone before.

"This is absurd..." she muttered, softly hitting her head back against the door. She crossed her arms over her knees and placed her forehead on them, hiding her face. She wanted desperately to sleep, yet her mind and body refused it, restless with the want and need to see him, to ensure that he was okay.

Her mind still struggled with the fact that he was, indeed, still loyal to the First Order, however her heart recognized that his loyalty was recoiling, and his actions showed just as much.

Rey wondered if her ruling by his side was still something he desired, and just as quickly as the question left her mind, the familiar buzz settled like dust around her, connecting her to the very man she was thinking about.

Slowly, she lifted her head from arms, peering up at Kylo as he stood only a few feet from her in the small closet.

Kylo blinked a couple times as he glanced around his room before his eyes settled on Rey, sitting on the floor. For a moment, he felt himself freeze as he looked her over, making sure she was not hurt.

Silently, they stared at one another, unsure of what they wanted to say, where to start.

Kylo swallowed, tearing his gaze away from hers as he decided he would be the first to speak.

"How's the ribs?" he asked, glancing down to her abdomen. Rey noticed his eyes linger on her a bit longer than needed, making her cheeks warm.

Clearing her throat, Rey stood up, leaning against the door to help her as she wobbled. "Better, still a little pain though." she answered, her eyes widening as she watched his face. Now that she was getting a handle on her feelings, even just a little bit, she as able to see him in a new light now, his features standing out to her in a way they never had before.

Questions beckoned her mind, but she knew she had to filter through them to find the most important one.

"When we last spoke, things were a bit...hectic, still. I remember you giving me the shot... And we talked for a little while... But things are till hazy." she trailed off as she began to slowly pace the small room.

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