Chapter 59.

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It was still a dark, empty void.

She had never really blamed the force for anything until now, never even muttered a curse towards it until this very day.

But Rey felt defeated, beaten at a game that didn't even exist as she tried to find Flora once more through the force, channeling every good and ill feeling she could muster and hoped that it'd find its way to her friend, yet all that returned, was absolute silence.

With a frustrated growl, Rey rose from the floor of the suite, tugging her hair out of her three signature buns and tossing away the bands. She was grateful that Kylo allowed them to skip training for the day when she had asked, however he proposed that they meditate together instead.

From the ground, Kylo inhaled deeply as he slowly opened his eyes, his gaze landing on Rey as she began to pace a few feet in front of him.

"You were supposed to remain calm." his deep voice mused.

"I can't. It's like I'm being blocked off from her specifically. I swear... I swear I can feel her somewhere out there, as though I'm being soothed, like the force is giving me just enough to know she's alive and refusing me anything else." Rey sneered, coming to a halt as she glared at the ground with her arms crossed.

Kylo looked at her with a blank expression, moving to stretch his legs out in front of him and lean back against his hands. He couldn't exactly relate to her needing her friend, but he did understand the frantic need to ensure her friend was okay.

The memory of Rey lying in his room, bleeding and her force signature wavering in and out as her life dimmed on Excora made his blood chill.

With a shake of his head, he rammed the memory out of his mind as he stood.

"I'm sure she's fine." He muttered to her, raking a large hand down his face.

Rey turned to him, rolling her eyes and grumbled, "You can't know that."

Feeling the heat roll to his face, Kylo clenched his jaw.

He didn't want to fight with Rey, in fact, he had been trying very hard to avoid this certain attitude of hers by trying to meditate together. Her impatience and worry were clashing against one another, and the frustration was beginning to reach a new peak, something he could easily pick up on with or without the bond.

His own annoyance was growing as well, and though it was new to him, he tried his absolute best to suppress it with a light hope that maybe Rey would understand in the long run.

Standing tall, Kylo squared his shoulders and slowly made his way to Rey, who was watching him warily with an annoyed look, arms still crossed.

Still with his blank expression, he held out his open palm to her, a silent plea for her hand and her cooperation.

Feeling defeated, Rey softly sighed and let her smaller hand slide into his waiting one, following him as he led her to the large window in the living area, their reflection staring back at them as Naboo carried on beneath them.

Kylo stood directly behind Rey, his hand never leaving hers as his other found its way to rest on her hip. Mindlessly, Rey leaned back against his hard chest, watching her reflection move in the sunlight.

"Do you ever think about it?" he softly asked after a while, his breath hitting her earlobe.

"Think about what?" Rey questioned, her brows lightly creasing.

Kylo remained silent for a while longer as he thought of the words forming on the tip of his tongue.

"Joining me in the first place."

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