Chapter 46.

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A few hours later, Rey slowly trailed behind Kylo as they both made their way to town, roughly three miles away from their hut.

After today's training session, it was a quiet day for the pair, each of them silently thinking about the events of their day, mainly the change in the force they both felt.

Earlier, when they arrived back at the hut, MOX proceeded to stitch up the wound on Rey's back as she remembered the trail of thoughts that led to the change... and her revelation of her feelings for Kylo.

The more she thought about it, the more she realized that nothing changed as far as either of them switching sides. In fact, at the end of the day, she knew for certain that she'd never be able to go to the First Order with him, not willingly. No matter how she felt, she knew it was wrong.

And now, with every step she took behind Kylo, her mind begged her to plead with him, to rush his own mind and instead beg him directly to return to the Resistance with her...

But she knew it wasn't right.

Just as her mentors had told her, if he was destined to go home with her, it needs to be his choice.

Sighing, Rey picked up her pace to join him at his side, their cloaks flowing in the wind behind them as the stars above illuminated their path on the dirt trail.

"Put your hood up. No chances." he muttered to her.

By the tone of his voice, she knew his mind was heavy as well, and in fact, it was.

The closer he was to Rey, the more difficult it was to remember what his mission was, what his end result was supposed to be. At the end of the day, he still didn't even know for certain what it was.

There was no way he could go to the Resistance...

Deep down, he still harbored a deep hatred for many of them, and in the galaxy, there were rules that needed to be followed, an order that needed to maintained.

He could be that man to bring forth the new order... To control it, and Rey at his side, to help shape it.

Glancing at her from the corner of his eye, he was reminded that she was more than that...

She herself was the awakening in the force...

And the awakening in himself.

In all his years, amongst every star out there, she was different... And she treated him as an equal...

Something even he knew he was unworthy of, after all he had done in his lifetime.

Kylo Ren never pictured himself ever saying such a thing, let alone thinking it... Though instead of dwelling on it, he took it as proof of the change she was invoking, refusing to believe there was any trace of light within him, it was only Rey...

Just Rey...

That's all his life was now.

And that was something he was okay with.

( X )

Approaching the town now, the cloaked and hooded pair stopped to speak right outside of the town line, the roads lit up by strings of light, laughter and music filling their ears.

Rey eyed what she could see, studying the strip of stores just a few yards away.

The town itself was simple, she could tell immediately that the people and creatures were what made it home. It seemed warm, the residents seemed welcoming, a complete opposite of Cinnon'Ra.

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