Chapter 29.

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The following night, Rey walked around the large balcony surrounding the base, admiring each stone that was cemented into the rail along the way. She stopped to gaze down towards the trees below, watching as they waved in the wind, in tune with the oncoming storm that was approaching in the distance.

Sighing, Rey rolled her neck as she felt the tension creeping within her bones, having thought too much about her next move when it came to Kylo and the challenge day.

She couldn't help but appreciate his reasoning, finding the fact that he denied any thought towards the light just to keep her safe. Yet, this still forced unanswered questions to poke her mind.

If he were to remain supreme leader, what would that mean for the rest of the base? Would he ensure Rey's safety and still attack the Resistance? Rey was sure that the rebellion would not back down, and she had no idea if-

"Hey, stranger." A voice called from behind her. Rey was too deep in thought to realize that Poe Dameron now joined her on the balcony, his back leaning against the railing so that he could face her.

Rey offered a small smile, knowing that it was only a matter of time until she spoke with Poe alone. Since her injury with Sano, and having to move bases so suddenly, she found little time away from training to really settle down and speak with any of her friends besides Flora and Kai, for which she felt guilty.

"Poe! I'm sorry, I've just been trai-" Rey began, but was cut off when Poe smiled and spoke instead.

"It's okay. Anything I can do to help?" he asked, and the grin on his face made Rey unwillingly blush.

"Not really, thank you though..." she mumbled as she turned away to look at the clouds.

Poe nodded, visibly disappointed, but was determined to get closer either way. He turned around and towards the sky, following her gaze to the dark, grey clouds that loomed over them.

"You're not used to this, are you?" he asked, glancing to her. He chuckled when Rey looked at him curiously. "I mean the colors, the sky, the rain. Being from Jakku and all..."

"Ah, yes. It is different. The sky was always so dry, so empty. Any life, any plant... well, it was useless." Rey sighed as she remembered her home, the life she had before she joined forces with the resistance, and every trial she has faced since then.

Rey was quickly taken away from her memory when she felt Poe's warm hand reach towards her own that rested upon the railing, carefully covering her own.

She looked at it for a moment, feeling shy and rather awkward at the sudden affection, yet not surprised. However, she still did not like it.

Offering a quick smile to her friend, she withdrew her hand from Poe's and clasped it with her others, as if shielding her own hands from his.

Poe nodded and looked away from Rey, smiling to the ground, and Rey noted there was no humor behind the smile, but embarrassment flowed from him.

"Poe, I'm sorry, I just-"

"No, it's okay. I shouldn't have. You have someone, don't you?" Poe asked, his gaze meeting Rey's, and the look in his eyes made her heart stop. Poe was a dear friend of hers, someone she could fight beside, someone she trusted. She truly did not like the idea of hurting him in any way.

There was no denying that she felt some sort of affection towards him, but deep down, she knew it was not in the way he needed, or wanted.

Yet, the question he asked still threw her off.

Did she have someone? She wasn't sure.

Her thoughts flew to Ben, and the tension rolled back in waves, hitting her so intensely that she was unsure what to focus on first. Rey knew she cared for Ben, more than she should have, and in ways that were new to her. However, it was still complicated. He was both her ally, and her enemy.

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