Chapter 38.

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At the last loud sound, the room watched in shock as Rey's lightsaber broke through the final wall, tearing through one of the giant's arms that held her down.

Grasping her weapon, Rey ignited it, the purple light reflecting off of her yellow eyes.

The giant that previously held her down, was roaring in pain as his hand left Rey and held his mangled arm, freeing her.

Acting quick on the opportunity, a rageful Rey swung the saber behind her, clipping the leg of the giant as she pushed off of her knees, yanking her other arm free as she skids back and delivers another wide swipe with her lightsaber, the giant's leg slicing in half.

Rolling out of the way, she swiftly dodged the hammer fist that the other giant attempted to hit her with, and struck her saber down at his wrist.

Another roar of pain pierced the air.

Doing her best to stand, Rey deeply inhaled as she shut her eyes, focusing on the anger that soared through her veins.

Eyes still shut, she spoke.

"Vicar Ren, a master of machinery." Her eyes flickered open and met his. "The difference between you and I," her breathing hardened. "Is that I do not need any device to feel your biggest fear."

Vicar's eyes widened and shot to Sano, and Sano's head whipped to meet his father's eyes.

With the quickest flick of her wrist, Rey shot her lightsaber out, letting it boomerang across Sano's body, curving to the right and piercing through the last giant before landing right back to her grip.

Vicar yelled, cursing at her as his veins popped, his face glowing red as he watched his son's body fall to the floor.

The room stood still as Rey moved her gaze to Paz.

Through Rey's mind, all that echoed was Paz's laughter when Makeem killed Kai.

In this instant, Rey swore to never think of the laugh again.

Rey's palm faced outward, a slow rumble coursing its way through the ground below them, joining in the yells of Vicar. Kylo shot up from his chair, his mind racing as he felt what was going to happen.

Whips of electricity lapped from her fingertips out to Paz, her body floating in midair as waves and waves of electricity stung and burned her bones. Extending out her other palm, Rey did the same to Makeem, tears running free from the corner of her dark, yellow eyes.

Their screams pierced the air as General Hux cowered in the corner, shutting his eyes tight as he whimpered, knelt behind a chair.

Kylo's breathing stilled, his eyes wide.

He knew this would happen, untamed, raw power has never ended good.

Though, he knew they deserved this.

Even him himself.

With no life left to take from either Paz or Makeem, Rey let her sore arms fall to her side, watching as their bodies feel to the platform, eventually rolling off to the ground.

The rest of the room was too shocked, too scared, to say anything, to even move an inch.

Rey blinked, her jaw tightening as she tried to suppress a sob. Her eyes fell to the floor, slowly drifting until she found her friend.

Tears trickled down her blood-stained cheek as she slowly limped towards her, soft sobs coming to life. As she approached a lifeless Kai, Rey fell to her knees, her eyes shutting as grief struck her deep again.

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